Capsule Score Mailing List

Capsule Score Mailing List

Post by Geoffrey Leonard L » Sun, 06 Mar 1994 07:01:24

New Mailing List (Repeat):

I am going to set up a mailing list so that, in addition to my daily
postings, I can begin e-mailing Capsule Scores to all of you whom wish to
receive them.  But please, this service is intended for those of you who have
limited access to internet, so only sign up if you cannot easily read
it on the newsgroup.
  So, that said, to register please e-mail me at:

  In confirmation of your registration, you should receive a copy of my
list of Player Nicknames that I (usually) use as a reference by next
Monday, March 7th.  The e-mail service is also targetted to begin on
the 7th.

  That's it for now,
  =geoff lee=