The Fang’s Bites 2013 College Basketball TV Awards

The Fang’s Bites 2013 College Basketball TV Awards

Post by TMC » Wed, 27 Mar 2013 10:36:53

Its been a while since Ive written a College Basketball TV Awards
post. Its been so long, that Ive lost the archive for it. That
transition from Blogger to WordPress a few years back did it. This is
mostly for the regular season. Ill do a bonus TV Awards for the NCAA
Tournament after the Elite Eight.

Anyway, lets provide you with the best and the worst in college

Best Play-by-Play Sean McDonough, ESPN. Sean had a very good year
working with Jay Bilas and Bill Raftery in closing out the Big East
Conference as we know it. From the start of the season in Maui to the
last Big East Tournament in New York on ESPN, McDonough called some
great games. He also had to overcome a rare condition that made him
sensitive to noise, but once that was all said and done, McDonough,
Bilas and Raftery have been working well together and holding them
together is McDonough who knows when to keep it light and when to keep
it serious. Sean is our winner for Best Play-by-Play this season

Honorable mentions: Andrew Catalon (CBS Sports Network), Ian Eagle
(CBS), Dave Flemming (ESPN), Dave Pasch (ESPN), Dan Shulman (ESPN)

Best Game Analyst Fran Fraschilla, ESPN. He may not work Duke-North
Carolina or the other glamor conferences, however, Fran knows the
nuances of basketball. He mainly works the Big 12 and was rightly
returned to Big Monday games. He meshed well with his old partner, Ron
Franklin when they used to work Big Monday and did well with Brent
Musburger this season. Fraschilla is also utilized by ESPN on
international games and he knows the ins and outs of what could be
very ugly basketball, but he knows all of the players. Giving Fran
some love here. He deserves it.

Honorable mentions: Jay Bilas (ESPN), Doris Burke (ESPN), Mike Gminski
(ACC Network), Clark Kellogg (CBS), Shon Morris (Big Ten Network),
Bill Raftery (CBS/ESPN), Stan Van Gundy (NBC Sports Network), Bill
Walton (ESPN)

Best Reporter Holly Rowe, ESPN. Shes usually on the Big 12
broadcasts with Brent Musburger and Fran Fraschilla, Holly finds some
nuggets that other sideline reporters dont. Yes, she has a reputation
of being tough and unwilling to budge, but you want that in a
reporter. And she can also call play-by-play as shes been doing for
the NCAA Womens Tournament.

Honorable mentions: Shelley Smith (ESPN), Stephanie White (Big Ten

Best Studio Host Rece Davis, ESPN. Ever since taking over as main
college basketball host for Chris Fowler in 2006, Davis has shined in
this role. He hosts the basketball version of College GameDay and
while it pales in comparison to its football brethren, Davis still
keeps the show together. Davis does well in his role as traffic cop
handing off to various analysts including Digger Phelps. Very good
host and easily could host the football version of GameDay in a

Honorable mentions: Dave Revsine (Big Ten Network), John Saunders
(ESPN), Adam Zucker (CBS Sports Network)

Best Studio Analyst Bruce Pearl, ESPN. In his first year, Pearl has
become a very good analyst. Hes shown some humor. Hes provided some
decent thoughts on teams and plays. Yes, Pearl has a checkered past,
but he has shown he knows the game. Theres no doubt hes using the
ESPN platform to rehabilitate his reputation and far as his analysis
is concerned, its been solid. And lets hope Pearl has learned his
lesson should he ever get back into coaching.

Honorable mentions: Seth Greenberg (ESPN), Jim Jackson (Big Ten
Network), Wally Szczerbiak (CBS Sports Network)

Best Studio Show Inside College Basketball, CBS Sports Network. This
solid show is usually aired after CBSSNs college basketball games. We
get highlights of the games, no silly debates, solid analysis and some
decent humor. CBS Sports Network needs some better distribution
because not everyone can see the network. Next season, take a moment
to watch the show. Its quite good.

Honorable mentions: College Basketball Live (ESPN2/ESPNU), Katz Korner

Best Move Bill Walton on Pac-12 games, ESPN. In its infinite wisdom,
ESPN signed Bill Walton for Pac-12 games, returning Big Red to
national television after a prolonged absence. Viewers were treated to
various insights, rants and exchanges with regular partners Dave
Flemming and Dave Pasch. There was one night in which Walton was
teamed with Brent Musburger and it was pure TV gold. It all climaxed
with Walton on the Pac-12 Tournament for both the Pac-12 Networks and
the ESPN family. It was tremendous. Heres hoping ESPN will sign
Walton for another season.

Honorable mentions: Fox Sports signing the New Big East, Teaming Bruce
Pearl and Seth Greenberg in the studio (ESPN)

Most Valuable Network ESPN. ESPN has contracts all of the major
conferences. It has the most inventory. And it has most of the
conference championship games. This wont change for a while.

Worst Analyst Doug Gottlieb, CBS. The Tiffany Network brought
Gottlieb in from ESPN and mostly teamed him in the studio with Seth
Davis. Gottlieb comes off as angry, a know-it-all, abrasive,
argumentative and overbearing. During his feigned debate segments with
Davis, Gottlieb has overpowered him and also looked smug. In addition,
Gottlieb points at the American people and doesnt stop from letting
us know that his opinion is the correct one. Horrible analyst.

Worst Move CBS adds Gottlieb to the Studio. See above.

Im saving some material for the NCAA Tournament Edition. Thats
coming next week.