UPDATED: ACC Stats Archives Web Site

UPDATED: ACC Stats Archives Web Site

Post by Charles Boa » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

My ACC Stats Archive, located (courtesy of Jazzy) at:


has just been updated.

This site offers about all the ACC stats you could possibly want,
including such things as:
   - individual stats for every player to play in the ACC
   - complete NBA (& ABA) stats for former ACC players
   - schedules and scores for all games since 1954
   - boxscores for over 1800 games dating back to '54
   - complete lists of ACC award winners (All-ACC, POY, COY, ROY, Tourney MVP)
   - complete lists of AP & UPI final national rankings and All-Americans
        since '54
and a bunch more. Please visit and send me your suggestions for improvements.

The next update will occur 4-6 weeks after the '96 season ends. The changes in
this release are:

RELEASE 2.0 (2/21/96)

     1996 - added all through 2/20
     1993 - added WFU and UNC
     1991 - added NCSU
     1990 - added VIRG + some missing UNC data
     1986 - added MARY
     1984 - added DUKE
     1972 - added VIRG
     1970 - added DUKE
     1962 - added available DUKE games

  Schedules and results
     Adding '96 as played
     Added all available and necessary dates,half & OT scores
       for all team/years added to boxlines above

  Other conferences
     Added '88 Clem win over Oreg St that was inadvertently omitted

     Added ACC Tourney MVP list.
     Corrected line in All-ACC file that had Tom Hammonds listed
     as UNC rather than GT

  Other Links
     added UNC,NCSU & Duke athletic departments;HTS;Poop Sheet

  Individual Stats
     Changed Rosenbluth's hometown to New York City
     Changed Yvon Joseph's class for '83

  Misc. Lists
     Added Heyman, Duncan to the triple-double list
     Added list of all 10+ game winning streaks
     Added list of double digit scoring streaks
     Fixed Duke-Virg '70 in ACC Series records

     Added Sammy Kent

RELEASE 1.0 (11/13/95)
  This is the first release (Nov. '95) so it's ALL new!