APBA holiday tournament

APBA holiday tournament

Post by Jim Kimna » Tue, 22 Dec 1998 04:00:00

For those of us not going anywhere for the holidays, I thought I would
schedule a 4th annual Computer DOS or Windows APBA baseball tournament.  
Previous winners were:1995: John Rushton
1996: Conrad Judy
1997: Brian O'Connell

Unfortunately, many of us don't have the 1998 data disk, so we will be using the 1997 disk again.
1. Free, but you must have the Computer DOS APBA baseball game or the Windows version.
2. Starts Saturday, Dec. 26.
3. Preliminary round--round robin schedule (3-game series home and away)--probably played Dec. 26 thru Jan 3.  Last year we had 6 teams.  
4. Top 2 play for championship--Jan.2-3
5. You should be home most of the time from Dec. 26 thru Jan. 3 so you can
find out how things are going.
6. No pfiles or box scores exchanged unless you want to send them to the
visiting managers.  Scores and highlights sent to me, then re-distributed to
all involved.

More detailed rules:

1. Send me a list of your top 10 team preferences--1996 ML teams
2. DH will be used in AL parks and not in NL parks.
3. Round robin schedule will be a continuous daily schedule.  Each team will
have to use a 3-man pitching rotation (because each series is a 3-game series).  There will be no days off during the
round robin schedule and one day off between the round-robin and the
4. The championships will be the best of 3 of 5 (2-3).
5. Usage
      starters: must have 2 days rest between starts; must have started at
least 10 games;  must stay in at least 3 IP or until at least 3 runs are
given up.  Max. of 10 innings in a game.  A starter may be used in relief
but is limited to 4 IP per game, but must satisfy the 2 day rest between
starts rule.  If more than 2 innings used in relief in a game (but less than
the 4) requires a day of rest before they can be used in relief again.
      strictly relief pitchers:  max. 2 IP per game; 1 day rest required
after 2 consecutive days of pitching.  
      split grade pitchers:  same as starter used in relief.
      Must have at least 100 AB's (then they can play all games).  May play
any position "carded for".
      Anyone with less than 100 AB's is limited to 1 pinch hit appearance
per game, but can pinch hit in all games.

6. Playing the games
   H & R only if the batter is rated 2 or higher for H & R.
   Steals:  A,B,C's unlimited in a game; D's/E's limited to 1 per game; all
others can't steal (but could be involved in H&R).
   Injuries limited to just the remainder of the game being played.
   26-man roster used for each game-- may change from game to game (use rosters from "Professional Baseball" and "Farm Teams".

7. Instructions
   Please limit your instructions sent to the visiting manager to the following:
   a. batting order/starting pitcher
   b. relief pitching instructions
   c. H&R/stealing instructions
   d. Defensive replacements/playing in
   e. Pinch hitting/PR instructions
   f. Base advancements are to be done by the * for the visiting team.

There will not be a draft.  You will just pick a 1997 ML team--first come,
first served.

Entry deadline is 11:59pm Friday, December 25th.

Thanks in advance for your interest.
Jim Kimnach