My little vacation (FSU in elite 8)

My little vacation (FSU in elite 8)

Post by Kevin Delgado (Histo » Mon, 29 Mar 1993 03:03:36

This posting concerns FSU's win over Western Kentucky. I'm sorry it's late,

On Thursday afternoon, my mom picked me up so I could help her load her U-Haul
for her move up to Columbus Georgia. Actually, it wasn't so much me helping
her move as me doing all the work (she has arthritis in her shoulders and
can't lift heavy objects). So, we get to her house and I ask what she wants to
go in the U-Haul first. She know, that evil, sick little grin that
all mothers have when they know they are about to exact revenge upon thier
children for all the years of hell they put them through...anyhow, she grinned
and just pointed to the washing machine....AND the dryer. Ugh, I thought, this
is gonna be a long day.

After a few hours, and several heavy appliances and pieces of furniture, I had
finally got that damn U-haul stuffed to the brim. By that time I stunk to high
hell, but I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes so I didn't bother to
shower. Anyhow, the game was about to come on, so I took a seat on one of the
few remaining peices of cold coke in hand...and prepared for
the game. "They better ***ing win this one...especially after I did all this
damn work", I thought, but I knew the Hilltoppers were a good team, and very
well coached. Add to that the fact that FSU had gotten into yet more injury
trouble with Dobard and Wells getting hurt, and you had a situation ripe for

The game started off with both teams shooting well. FSU had the slight edge,
but could never really open the game up...mostly as a result of the officials
calling a foul every 30 seconds or's hard to get an uptempo game
going when people are at the line. In a real shocker to me, Rodney Dobard...
fractured toe and all...stepped up his game in a big way. He was everywhere
with putbacks and rejects, and almost single-handedly kept FSU in the game.
But when it came down to it, the Hilltoppers had too much desire...too much
heart to quick. They battled back relentlessly, and FSU's complete inability
to hit free throws allowed the W. Kentucky to force an overtime game. Again,
things just didn't go FSU's way, with Doug Edwards fouling out it seemed as if
the final window of opportunity had been opened for the underdog. But as the
last second of the OT period clicked off, the desperate 3 point attempt banked
off the rim and missed. FSU had barely slipped by.

I removed my clutched hands from my head...shaking loose the hair that I had
pulled out from watching so many free throw bricks...and breathed a sigh of
relief. FSU had made it to the elite 8, the farthest they had gone in the NCAA
tourney since I was born. I later watched as Kentucky pounded Wake into the
cold hardwood, and then I plopped on the floor and fell asleep.

The next morning, bright and early at 7am, we loaded up the last things into
the car and headed out on the way to Columbus. In an already cramped Japanese
car, a little Honda Civic, where when the seat is moved all the way back my
6 foot body is still cramped, I had the pleasure of having to endure a 250
miles drive with the seat all the _forward_ as a result of all the stuff
crammed into the back of the car. I never knew I would get to study my knees
so closely as I had on this trip, and I never want to do so again. We stopped
in Thomasville...Charlie Ward's hometown (passed by his old HS in fact)...and
went into Micky D's for an early lunch. That was to be a big mistake.

I knew something was wrong about 30 minutes after we left Thomasville. I was
burping something aweful...tasted like an old rotten egg...and the pain in
my stomach started. The cheeseburger I had gotten musta been bad, cause I was
suffering from food poisoning. After several hours...and countless stops at
restrooms along the way...we finally made it to Columbus.

"Unload the U-haul", my mom said, grinning with obvious delight. Oh goody.
The unloading went fast, only an hour's worth of work, and we were back on the
road to Tallahassee....stopping at every bathroom along the way. My mom
finally dropped me off at my apartment at about 11pm. I went into the medicine
cabinet as fast as I could, and quickly downed the rest of my bottle of Pepto.
I sat for a bit in front of the toob watching as Temple ruined my final four
pick's chances of coming true, and then I just flopped into shower...
too tired.

This was definitely _NOT_ what I had in mind for my spring break.


Kentucky is gonna destroy FSU. They will simply smash them into so many
unrecognisable pieces that not even the most skilled, patient, bound and
determined of archaeologists would be able to search through the rubble and
put the crumbled riuns back together.

Kevin ( achy breaky...BODY...owie...)