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Great Baseball/Stats Web Site

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Quick Stats Service - Your #1 Choice for On-Line Stats

Since 1987, Quick Stats Service has been the only on-line service designed specifically for fantasy leagues.  We pioneered on-line fantasy sports.  Nobody beats our winning combination of quality, experience, price & friendly customer support.  Nobody.

This year, let QSS save you time and money by being your league's information headquarters.

A full year's MLB stats is just $99.

Stats are also available via the Internet & America Online.  Internet users can visit our WWW site at to get sample stats files and much more.

QSS statistics files are compatible with:
  Stat Master, by Weebe Technologies
  Fantasy Ballpark, by Stategy Sports Software
  Statbook Fantasy Baseball, by RJL Systems
  Couch Coach, by Potato League Sports
  Triple Threat, by Clyde's Pride Software
  SpinStats, by Faulkner Strategics
  The StatLeaguer Series, by Bever
  Diamond Pro, by Diamond Data
  StatMaster Baseball, by TNA Software
  many other popular software programs, including most spreadsheets and databases.

Stats are available by 9:00 a.m. Monday for AL & combined AL/NL stats thru Sunday's games, and by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday for NL stats thru Monday's games.  The fastest availability anywhere!

QSS provides complete statistics, including:
  Week-by-week and year-to-date stats.
  Hitting stats - games, at bats, runs, hits, doubles, triples, homeruns, RBI, stolen bases, caught stealing, walks, strikeouts, errors, total bases.
  Pitching stats - games, games started, games finished, complete games, shutouts, wins, losses, saves, blown saves, innings pitched, hits, earned runs, walks, strikeouts, homeruns.

QSS offers bonus features, too!  Complete detailed stats from past seasons, free agent signings, minor league prospect reports, spring training news, newsletters & more.  All kinds of great information before & during the season, and all winter long.

We support high-speed modems and offer compressed files.  Downloading stats each week with a 9600 baud or faster modem takes less than 1 minute.  No modem?  No problem. We'll send you a diskette each week via 1st class mail for $150.

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Ask us about our NBA basketball, NHL hockey and NFL football stats, too!

Still have questions?  Call us at (770) 623-1745.

David Taylor - Quick Stats Service
Since 1987, Your #1 Source for Online Stats