Narbonne Sanctioned......Again

Narbonne Sanctioned......Again

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L.A. Times
April 27, 200
Narbonne Sanctioned for Rules Violations


     James Anderson, coach of the City and State Division I champion Harbor
City Narbonne girls' basketball team, has been suspended for 10 games next
season, and the team will not be allowed to participate in the L.A. Watts
Summer Games this year because of rules infractions, City Section Athletics
Commissioner Barbara Fiege said.
     Fiege said the violations were identified by Narbonne after an
investigation by school officials.
     The section's rules committee recommended the sanctions two weeks ago and
they were entered into the official record by the Interscholastic Athletic
Committee on Monday.
     Narbonne was penalized for two infractions.
     During the 1998-99 season, when Narbonne was ineligible for the playoffs
and on probation for violations that led to its being stripped of the City and
State titles in 1997-98, a player who was injured for most of the season
participated in the Gauchos' final two games. The player, however, had not been
added to the eligibility roster.
     The other infraction occurred when three incoming freshmen played for the
Gauchos during the 1999 L.A. Watts Summer Games a few days before they
graduated from middle school. The girls had completed their classes before the
tournament began but were not scheduled to take part in graduation ceremonies
until the following week.
     Section rules prohibit eighth-graders from participating until they have
     Anderson's suspension next season does not include tournaments. Anderson
said he will miss two pre-league games and eight Marine League games.
     "The penalties are justified," Anderson said. "I know there is going to be
some backlash from the outside, people saying, 'Well, here we go again.' But we
turned ourselves in. We weren't trying to hide anything."
     Fiege said the penalties were appropriate for the particular infractions.
     "I think they were relatively severe because they were on probation,"
Fiege said. "A name being left off the roster generally only results in the
games that player participated in being forfeited."

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