blue jays win! A little magic...

blue jays win! A little magic...

Post by Gary Fletch » Fri, 04 Oct 1991 12:27:22

I just watched the Jays clinch their division title, scoring two runs in
the bottom of the ninth against Bryan Harvey (!) to beat California 6-5.

A championship is always special, I suppose, but I still am amazed at
how often sport provides a moment of what seems like destiny, as if one
could sense the hand of god strangely involved in the trivial question
of who wins a division title. All year long the Blue Jays have basically
depended on Devon White, Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter for their
offense. Tonight, in the top of the ninth, Timlin again let an inherited
runner score. Joe Carter threw out Gallagher at the plate to prevent
further damage. California led, 5-4. Harvey, warmed up and ready, it
didn't look good. As they went to the commercial break, TSN flashed a
graphic to remind us all that White, Alomar and Carter were due up.

Could they do it?

White singled. Alomar grounded to second baseman Flora, a rookie
promoted from AA. With White speeding along, Flora hurried his throw,
bouncing it past Schofield. As the ball rolled to the left field stands,
White came in to score tying the game. Alomar stole third on the next
pitch. The infield had to come in. Carter, jammed a bit, punched the
ball up the middle, just past Schofield. Game over. A beauty.

Yeah, they could do it!

Joe Carter has been struggling of late. White less so, Alomar not at
all. Winning it this way sort of caps it all off rather nicely. I don't
mean to deny the rest of the Jays their due. The pitching, for the most
part, has been terrific. Guys like Maldonado, Olerud, Myers and Borders
have come up big. Kelly Gruber.

This is a fans' posting. A tip of the hat to Toronto's baseball team.


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