Cancelled RFD:

Cancelled RFD:

Post by Ron Grah » Sat, 17 Aug 1991 04:29:38

As can be seen in the subject line, I wish to withdraw my previously
issued Request for Discussion for proposed group

Here are my reasons:

(1) while this group proposal has support, and I have only heard two
    negative voices since the RFD was issued, I have not heard from
    very many people overall.  The extreme silence on the subject in
    news.groups has discouraged me.  (Although it may be that the on-
    going sf-lovers business is just drowning everything else out ;-).)

(2) Given the very heavy traffic in, I felt that if
    this group proposal were to have support, substantial discussion
    would arise from readers of that group.  Again, only about a dozen
    people responded at all.  IMPO, this does not bode well for a vote,
    and I don't want to bother Usenet with a vote that has a high
    probability of failure.

(3) As was mentioned by a couple of individuals during the discussion
    period, the subject matter here could be handled very nicely by a
    mailing list.  In particular, the on-going communication of any
    given Rotisserie or Fantasy baseball league *must* be held via
    e-mail, since only those owners will likely be interested in the

(4) If a mailing list is started for Rotisserie maniacs like myself, it
    could be used to provide a convincing case for a newsgroup if the
    traffic is there.  (This is what happened with me in the case of a mailing list was formed, the traffic was
    huge without being offensive in the large, and that IMPO justified
    the formation of a group.  Something like this could happen here.)

The only remaining problems are for someone else to pick up:

o  I do not know how to form a mailing list.  If any other supporters of
   r.s.b.roto want to form one, I will cooperate in any way possible, and
   I have saved e-mail addresses of those interested in the group.  Send
   e-mail if interested.

o  I have never consulted with or
   on this.  Maybe a general group for Rotisserie & Fantasy sports would
   be more likely to justify a new group, although most baseball fans
   participating in the discussion were opposed to "sharing" the group
   with the other fantasy sports.

Thank you, all who participated in the discussion.

Owner/GM, Cameroon Indomitable Lions, Building 86 Rotisserie League
for whom Darryl Strawberry better put up numbers, or his ***will
     be traded ;-)