RFD: rec.sport.baseball.roto

RFD: rec.sport.baseball.roto

Post by Ron Grah » Wed, 08 Apr 1992 02:21:15

This proposal has been made twice before.  Last fall, I proposed a
newsgroup by the name of rec.sport.baseball.roto, and withdrew the RFD
prior to a Call for Votes.  I felt that, although only one person openly
opposed the proposed new group, there was not enough support to pass the
group in a vote.  One month ago, Michael Kelley proposed a sub-hierarchy
for all fantasy sports, and abandoned the RFD prior to a Call for Votes.

There is currently a Mailing List for Rotisserie and Fantasy Baseball.
That Mailing List now has more than 100 participants, with in excess of
30 postings per day, a level of traffic greater than a large number of
existing Usenet groups (including some very useful ones, I might add).
The signal-to-noise ratio is extremely high (in fact, there is almost no
noise at all).  The traffic is expected to go down somewhat after the
baseball season starts, but there will still be in excess of 20 postings
per day on the List.  In short, a newsgroup for this subject has been
demonstrated necessary by traffic as well as by usefulness.  For that
reason, I have returned with essentially the same proposal.

Here is the Charter for the Mailing List (last updated 02/03/92):

This List is designed to funnel off discussions of Rotisserie or Fantasy
baseball from the existing newsgroup rec.sport.baseball.  Among points for
discussion are the following:

o  formation of Rotisserie/Fantasy baseball leagues;
o  trading of players/analysis of trades between Roto/Fantasy teams;
o  selection of statistics used to rate teams;
o  expansion and removal of teams;
o  player auctions;
o  league government;
o  related games (e.g. Strat-o-Matic, Pursue the Pennant, etc.);
o  updates on individual players (on the DL?  sent to the minors?);
o  selection of league/team names :-)...

and so on.  Kudos to Stephen Opal for coming up with the list server.

This RFD will be considered active until 05/06, a period of 30 days as
requested by the Usenet Guidelines for New Group Creation.  After that
time a Call for Votes will be issued.  This time I won't be backing down
:-).  Discussion of this proposal should be carried on in news.groups, as
both the newsgroup and the Mailing List have their own charters and are
full of their own traffic as it is.


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