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About that 'well worth it' phone number:

Who the hell at Sporting News decided to make it 1-900?  That's as cheap
as the lockout.  IF someone felt that strongly, it could be toll-free.
Obviously it won't be, and you can't blame anybody for that.  But what's
wrong with a simple long-distance call?  Does TSN feel a need to make a
profit out of this?  That's really sad.  

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Post by Paul_Andres » Wed, 07 Mar 1990 15:27:05

>My understanding was that proceeds from the 900 number calls would go to the
>fund that is used to assist down-and-out former Major League players.  If
>this is in fact the case, I don't mind the toll call.  Could someone who has
>"the straight dope" on this please post a confirmation?

To quote The Sporting News "A portion of the proceeds will be donated to BAT
(Baseball Assistance Team)", which is the organization that David refers to

I've always considered TSN to be an honest and above-board publication, even if
they are a little boring, and suffer from alliteration mania. My cynical side
recogized that they *are owned  by the Times-Mirror company, a big media

BTW David, (re: another notes string), SABR just moved it's HQ to Garrett
Park last year from Kansas City. It was in Cooperstown at one point, but
has tended to move with whoever is the executive director.


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