OT: Baseball Hall of Shame book on eBay

OT: Baseball Hall of Shame book on eBay

Post by AnketilAuctio » Wed, 18 Dec 2002 12:43:45


I am currently holding an auction on "The Baseball Hall of Shame 4" on eBay and
thought some of you may be interested in it. The auction can be found here:



You are bidding on The Baseball Hall of Shame 4 by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo.
The book was published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, in
1990. The book is a softcover edition and 197 pages in length. Inside the book
various odd events and oddballs are described. Here is a list of the different
subjects detailed, per the contents:

The Most Inept Fielding Performances

The Most Pitiful Appearances at the Plate

The Most Absurd Baserunning Fiascoes

The Sneakiest Chicanery Perpetrated by Players

The Most Outrageous Performances of Pitchers

The Craziest Actions of Umpires

The Most Inauspicious Major League Debuts

The Most Foolish Behavior in Spring Training

The Most Unprofessional Baseball Cards

The Daffiest Characters in the Game

The Wackiest Behavior of Fans

The Most Inglorious Ejections from a Game

The Zaniest Actions of Coaches

The Most Madcap Jokesters

The Most Outlandish Contractual Disputes

The Screwiest Diamond Idiosyncrasies

The Most Notorious AWOLs and Curfew Violators