Meeks' Season and Career May Be Over at UK

Meeks' Season and Career May Be Over at UK

Post by mimu » Tue, 26 Feb 2008 12:57:58

Two thingies are making the rounds of the websites on UK's injury-plagued
sophomore guard Jodie Meeks:

(1) He's heading out of Lexington next week for diagnosis and immediate or
later surgery for his hip problem, which will end his sophomore season
(Louisville Courier-Journal UK blog;

(2) That he's unhappy with Gillispie/UK and will probably transfer at the
end of the year, possibly to Minnesota (off and on, but on again,
according to posters on the Lexington Herald-Leader's UK forum).

We really needed the mofo this year.  We'll need him more next.

He is, when healthy, a good ball-handler, a great defender, a scoring
threat from all ranges, and a fast banger inside, like Crawford a sort of
Bogans Lite.

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