Opening Day

Opening Day

Post by Billy Bur » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Pocomoke Little League
Cardinals vs. Orioles

Opening Day

The music of Spring,
Is the sound of bat's swing.

Whoosh through the air,
The balls way up there.

Down in the field with a zing,
No ping, ding, ding.

The chorus of happy boys,
Making cheerful baseball noise.

Burning off the winters fat,
Getting ready,  next at bat.

The cares of school fade away,
Life on this field, is now, today.

A strike,  a ball,  hit over the top,
My love for this day,  will never stop.

Spitwads and camping,  So far away,
Baseball and hot dogs is whats on today.

Steal,  Slide,  Throw,  Stop,
Next Base,  Next Bat,
It's on to the top !

Season opener,  my favorite game,
Spring turns to Summer,  
Just please don't rain.

Young Cardinals and Orioles,
Swinging away,
No School,  No Chores,
On Opening Day.

William F. " Billy " Burke
April 23,  1998