Pre-Season Poll RESULTS

Pre-Season Poll RESULTS

Post by mgust.. » Fri, 10 Apr 1992 21:13:28

Thanks to all who answered my poll question. If you didn't catch it, I asked
who you would take in an AL rotisserie draft between Kevin Mitchell or
George Bell. The results:

                        85% would take Mitchell

                        15% would Take Bell

Some of the reasons to take Mitchell:

o The Kingdome is more of a homer haven than the Sox Stadium.

o I think the Kingdome is probably a little better hitters park.  Bell is older.

o Bell is good, but Mitchell is going to hit at least 35-40 homers this year
  maybe more. It's just plain scary to think of him playing 80 games in the

Some of the reasons to take Bell:

o He is not injury-prone like Mitchell the past 2 years.

o He does not have a weight problem.

o I would probably take Bell only because he's likely to play 150-155 games.
  Mitchell will probably play 135-140.

So know you're asking why I had asked (maybe you're not ;-) this question. Well,
I happen to have the #1 pick in my draft (Sat.). 100 total players were protected
from last year. Having finished dead last and keeping the minimum required (5)
I have pick #'s 1, 4, 7, 11-13... to start with (I aquired a couple of picks
in trades. That's how I got #'s 12 & 13).My keepers are Griffey, Tartabull,
Bernie Williams, R. Alomar & Schooler. It appears I have a good chance of gettin'
outta the ba***t. I just wanted to censor the news-group to see who valued
one more than the other... Mitchell/Bell. I was leaning to Mitchell anyway, but
when Bell came over to the AL.......... I went Hmmmmmmmm.......

I'll not waste bandwidth with my draft results. I enjoyed reading all the

Thanks again,
Mark Gustafson

PS - Who'd ya take between Viola & Smiley. Got today & tomorrow (Fri) to field