opals squad announced

opals squad announced

Post by Steve Carn » Sat, 05 May 2001 15:47:39

> The opals team has been announced got to foxsports.com.au

Suzy Batkovic
Tracey Braithwaite
Michelle Brogan
Alexandra Douglas
Narelle Fletcher
Natalie Hughes
Emily McInerny
Alison O'Dwyer
Natalie Porter
Eleanor Sharp
Deanna Smith
Belinda Snell

nb this is an Australia A team (for cricket fans)
since the first team is all playing in wnba! except brogan

note snell who is listed as free agent for washington
and porter who was drafted by liberty last year but couldn't get a visa in time

the rest are young (batkovic/o'dwyer/snell/smith/porter <= 20)
or fringe players who may try out for the wnba in the future
or more prob europe.

hughes played college bball