Quotes from the Lakers-Rockets game 5/9/99: Rockets Quotes

Quotes from the Lakers-Rockets game 5/9/99: Rockets Quotes

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Unhappy with the foul that Kobe drew with 5.3 sec left, Rudy T:
"I thought it should have been a no-call.  I didn't think
there was contact." (USA, AP, RPE)

"I felt it was a no-call." (LADN, LBPT)
Note: This might have been a case of the home team getting a
call, combined with Kobe getting a star call.

Praising Rice, Rudy T said:
"Rice was phenomenal. Whenever he had an opening, he stung
us and played a terrific game." (USA, LAT)

About how their mistakes killed their chances, Rudy T:
"We've made mental mistakes. We can't stop shooting ourselves
in the foot." (LADN, LBPT)

"The turnovers were critical. We had a couple when we had
command of the game and (the Lakers) had to come to us." (OCR)

About their final play of the game, Rudy T said:
"He was aggressive, and I like that. But we can't go down
to one deal like that." (OCR)

About how the Lakers changed strategy to go Kobe with their
final possesion to foil their hack-a-Shaq strategy, Barkley:
"Our game plan was to put him on the line and it worked perfectly.
Every time Shaq got the ball, we were going to foul him. That
gave us a big advantage. But they switched up and went to Kobe
the last couple of times and he made some big free throws."

About how they gave the game to the Lakers, Barkley said:
"Obviously, we gave this game away today. That's a no-brainer.
We got the lead and the ball and you turn it over, that's
frustrating." (USA)

"We had some turnovers that really cost us. We let it get away.
That's a no-brainer. It's very disheartening to lose that game.
We gave it to them." (LADN, LBPT)

"Obviously, we gave this game away. That's a no-brainer. We
got the lead and the ball, and you turn it over. That's
frustrating. We just turned the ball over. I'm not going to
blame anybody. You can't turn the ball over like that." (HC)

"We gave it to them. It was obviously a gift. Any person who
is knowledgeable about basketball knows this was a gift-wrap
game." (HC)

"Hell, yeah, it can happen to anybody. We just have to get
shots at the end. That's all there is to it. That's not
blaming anybody. That's just factual. Don't turn the ball
over. That's what it comes down to." (HC)

"We had too many turnovers, especially down the stretch, and
that was the difference. We played pretty much a perfect game
except for the turnovers. We did everything we wanted to do.
But the turnovers down the stretch and Kobe Bryant's free throws
to end the game were the difference. We got the lead and the
ball and you turn it over. That's frustrating." (HC)

"Well, obviously we let one get away today. That's just a no-
brainer. I mean, you got the lead and the ball and you turn it
over--that's frustrating. . . . That's not like a cop-out. We
turned the ball over too many times with the game on the line.
That's not to blame anybody. We all win together and we lose
together." (LAT, OCR)

"This was obviously a gift. It is very disappointing to give
them this game. Three turnovers in the last 90 seconds. It is
a very tough game to lose. We played what I thought was pretty
much a perfect game until then. Our game plan was good. We
wanted to foul Shaq and make him shoot free throws, and we did
(Shaq was 5 for 14 from the line). They didn't limit me much
today (25 points, 10 rebounds). They don't match up well
against us. But all that counts is that they won." (LBPT)

About how the only thing that matters is the wins and losses,
Barkley said:
"It's very disheartening to lose that game. We gave it to them.
Right now, it's just very disappointing and depressing. We were
in good shape. We played a really good game. It's not often you
play that well and still lose the game. But the only thing that
matters is wins and losses." (HC)

Not blaming the Mack foul call on Kobe for the loss, Barkley:
"We don't whine about the officiating. I thought the call on
Kobe was a touch foul. But we shouldn't have let it come down
to that. Obviously, we don't think it was a good call. But
we're not going to complain about it." (HC)

"We're not going to whine about the officiating, even if
I think that call (against Mack) was a bad call. We just
turned the ball over in crucial situations. That was the
difference." (SJMN)

Feeling that no player can defend him 1-on-1, Barkley said:
"I don't think anybody in the world can guard me one on one.
It's not just their guys. I don't think anybody can stop me
without help." (HC)

Feeling that Rodman can't defend him, Barkley said:
"That's why I was sad to see him go." (LAT)

About how Garnett and Elden gave him trouble, Barkley:
"We played Minnesota about a month ago and I was torturing
everybody and they put Kevin Garnett on me and he gave me
nightmares. All big guys with long arms give me trouble--
but there aren't that many guys who I can say are tall and
have got long arms. Kevin McHale is the best guy I ever
played against. Elden Campbell gave me some trouble.
Garnett, he's the guy I'd say right now plays me better
than anybody." (LAT)

About how the loser of this series will have had a
disappointing season, Barkley said:
"If (the Lakers) don't win the championship, or we don't, it's
a disappointing year -- plain and simple. Both teams are built
to win the championship. Somebody's going to be disappointed
in the first round." (LADN, LBPT)

About putting this game behind him tomorrow, Barkley said:
"Right now, I'm disappointed and depressed. Now once I go and
get a good night's sleep, it's going to be a new day for us
tomorrow. Only thing, when you lose a game like this, you got
to listen to them idiotic fans in town for 24 hours before the
next game." (LAT)

"This loss won't take a thing out of us because we're a
veteran team. This was obviously disappointing, but
I've been through worse." (LBPT)

Informed about Pippen's criticism of him for the foul he gave
on Shaq with 28 seconds left, Barkley said:
"I'm not going back and forth with that. We had that game,
and we gave them a gift." (HC)

"I don't really want to go back and forth about that. We had
in any situation. that always works. . . .We did what we wanted
to do, every time Shaq got the ball, we wanted to foul him." (LAT)

Questioning one of their quick fouls on Shaq, Pippen said:
"I didn't think that the foul we gave Shaq at 28 seconds,
when we were up two points, was a very smart move. We should've
made them come down and have to work to score, at least take
time off the clock." (USA)

"I didn't think that... was a very smart move. We should have
made them come down and have to work to score. At least take
the time off the clock. We're up two points and we just allowed
them to split the lead and they get the ball back because now
we have to do something at the other end. We gave them the
opportunity, and (O'Neal) put us in a position where we had
to score. We just put our backs to the wall." (LADN, HC, LBPT)

"I didn't think the foul we gave Shaq at 28 seconds, when we were
up two points, was a very smart move. We should have made them
come down and have to work to score, at least take the time off
the clock. That was our biggest enemy right then, to take some
time off the clock. They got to score. We're up two points, and
we just allowed them to (cut the lead in half) and they get the
ball back because we now have to do something on the other end.
We gave them the opportunity, and he put us in a position where
we had to score. We just put our back to the wall." (HC)

"I feel like if we just go down and play defense [rather than
foul O'Neal], then the clock is on our side. They have to score
and if they miss, they have to foul us. But we gave them the
chance to come down and put the pressure on us for 28 seconds.
. . .That turned out to not work to our favor, fouling Shaq." (LAT)

Blaming Barkley for poor clock-awareness on that foul, Pippen:
"Yeah, our plan was to foul Shaq. But you'd have thought that
somebody might have told somebody that you don't want to do
that with a two-point lead and 28 seconds left." (HC)
Note: Pointing fingers is ALWAYS a bad idea...especially by
someone who made such a critical turnover late in the game.
I don't know if this is more a slam against Barkley or Rudy,
but either way blaming others is bad for chemistry.

Frustrated with the loss, blaming their turnovers, Pippen said:
"We're pretty frustrated. We realize that we could've played
much better, especially those last turnovers, myself and
Cuttino." (USA)

"It's something that's been going on with us all season long,
and it's been costly to us in a lot of games. We make mistakes,
we make costly turnovers, and it kills us in the end." (HC)

"They didn't steal one. We gave the game away." (HC)

About his turnover at the end of the game, Pippen said:
"I thought I was tripped. I don't know." (HC)

"I tried to take the ball to the basket. I lost my footing." (RPE)
Note: So, to the Houston reporter Pippen says he was tripped
but to the LA reporter he said that he just lost his footing.

About how this game was typical for their season, Pippen:
"We made subtle mistakes, which turned into big mistakes.
We still haven't grown in that area. We had control and
should have been able to close it out. But we didn't." (HC)

Sounding like he's blaming the refs for the loss, Pippen:
"I thought (Bryant) fell and just continued to roll into Sam.
He fell much more than he was fouled, but the game shouldn't
have come down to the officials making a decision. That's how
we felt like it came down, though. They made the decisions in
the last couple of minutes that decided the game." (AP)

"You know what that was, don't you? That was a Michael
Jordan call." (HC)
Note: So, Pippen pointed fingers at Barkley and the refs.

About the 29 points that Rice scored, Pippen said:
"I don't think he'll shoot like that again." (HC)

About how HE suggested the final play that had Mobley taking
the game-deciding shot, Pippen said:
"I think I suggested that to the coach during the timeout.
I thought it was a play that could work." (HC)

About how their mistakes gave away the game, Hakeem said:
"Some mistakes were very costly. We cannot afford those
kind of mistakes. It was a golden opportunity. This was a
great opportunity, and we lost it. We gave it away." (HC)

Complaining about the fouls called against him, Hakeem:
"The referees created calls that weren't there. I have to
just play basketball as long as I can. I can't afford to
waste any fouls." (HC)

Upset with the foul that Kobe drew with 5.3 sec left, Mobley:
"I was personally incensed, because I was standing right there
when they called it on Sam. He did not foul Kobe. All I have
to say is let us dictate the game, not the refs." (LADN, LBPT)

"Kobe tripped over his own feet. I was standing right there
when they called the foul on Sam. But I'm a rookie. What do
I know?" (OCR)

About taking the final shot with Shaq defending him, Mobley:
"I kind of figured he was coming, but I was looking in front
of me. You're not supposed to look at what's in back." (SJMN)

"He was right on my back, so I wasn't really worried about
him. But he made a good play. I tried to make a good play
by winning the game but it didn't happen my way. Our plan
was for me to just go to the hole and go strong." (USA, RPE)

"Shaq's 7-4. He was right on my back, so I wasn't really
worried about him. But he made a good play." (LADN, LBPT)

"I was going in to score. I was trying to win the game.
Shaq just made a key play." (OCR)
Note: Mobley KNEW Shaq was right there and wasn't worried
about him?

About Shaq's game-saving block, Mobley said:
"He made a good play." (LADN, LBPT)

About the foul that Kobe drew with 5.3 sec left, Sam Mack:
"There wasn't any contact. He tripped over his own foot.
He tripped. I felt him falling. He reached out a little to
try to catch himself. I tried to get out of the way. I
didn't want any contact. He fell over me." (HC)

"He tried to make his crossover move and I moved to stay in
front of him. He tripped over his own foot and fell into me.
I gave way and got the foul called on me." (HC)

About how the refs cost them the game, Mack said:
"That's the play that cost us the game. I could see it if it
was a blatant foul or a clear reach-in foul. But I think you
got to let that one go. The best call in that situation would
have been a no-call. ... But the guy (Bernhardt) made the
call and now we've got to live with it." (HC)

"We're right there in position (to win the game) and that call
took the game away from us. Hopefully, the next (officiating)
crew will use better judgment." (HC)

About the 3-pt shots he hit to help bring them back, Mack:
"Charles got it going by hitting some good shots, and they had
to honor that. Then I was playing cat-and-mouse with Kobe.
When I threw the ball in from the top, I was just trying to
move to the next position up top, just to stay away from
anyone. It worked, and I hit some big shots." (OCR)

About being poked in the eye on one possession (giving him a
scratched eyelid), then taking a blow to the same area of the
head on the following possession, Othella Harrington said:
"All I knew is that I felt like I needed the fight doctor.
They have Fight Nights at the Forum. I needed the fight
doctor." (HC)

About how Harrington suffered a concussion, Dr. Bruce Moseley:
"He had a minor concussion. I think 'brain cloud' would be the
operative term. And he got a superficial scratch on his eyelid.
It shouldn't be anything that will keep him out of Tuesday's
game." (HC)
Note: About Harrington's concussion, Rudy T said: "He was over
there guarding me. He was a little dingy." (HC)

Commenting on West's talk about retirement, Thomas said:
"Without Jerry West, there will be no Los Angeles Lakers
when he leaves." (HC)

About how the Rockets blew the game, Isiah Thomas said:
"You don't gain anything from this game, because it was an
opportunity lost. This was their chance to steal one. You
don't know if the next game will be there for them. Now, if
they don't win the next game, they have to win three in a
row, and that is damned near impossible to do." (HC)

Discounting the talk from the Rockets before the series
about how they were a new team, Thomas said:
"They looked pretty much the same, although they played
really well today. I still think it will always come down
to the play of the guards and can they consistently make
plays for 48 minutes. The good thing is they're rookies
and they're getting playoff experience. The bad thing is
they're rookies and they're getting playoff experience." (HC)

About how the Rockets need to worry about keeping their
rookie guards' spirits up, Thomas said:
"The thing they have to do now is keep Mobley's and***erson's
spirits high. Mobley had a tough turnover. (Scottie) Pippen
had a tough turnover, too, but he's used to bouncing back.
You've got to make sure he can bounce back, because he's a
good player." (HC)
Assistant Professor, Santa Clara University
Go Lakers!