BYU Report: BYU vs. Utah State

BYU Report: BYU vs. Utah State

Post by John Sn » Tue, 08 Dec 1992 04:30:39


BYU's basketball team ventured away from Provo for the first time this
year - a couple of hours north to Logan to take on the Utah State
Aggies.  The Cougars and the Aggies match up fairly well this year as
they both have height. The Aggie starting center, Wickizer is 7'0".

Going into the game, BYU had won 12 straight games over USU. The
Aggies haven't beaten BYU since 1985. BYU leads the series 124 games
to 83.

BYU started the game with Trost at center, Miller and Knight at
forwards, and Reid and Sanderson at the guard spots. USU packed
things into a zone defense and with their height made it difficult for
BYU to get the ball inside to the big guys. BYU responded by hitting
3-pointers from the perimeter. Reid and Sanderson both started the
game by nailing three-pointers then, after a couple of Trost free
throws, Knight showed his range by hitting a three and BYU took the
early lead at 12-8.

Russell Larson checked in five minutes into the game to make his first
appearance in a couple of weeks. He has been nursing a pulled muscle
in his rib cage. He looked a little rusty early on as he picked up 3
fouls in 5 minutes and had to go back to the bench.

Larson's foul trouble set the pattern of the game as both teams were
in early foul trouble, especially BYU. Reid picked up his 3rd personal
with over 7 minutes left in the half. Aggie center Wickizer got his
3rd with 2 minutes left in the half. BYU settled for a 3 point half
time lead at 45-42.

The foul trouble picked up in the second half right where it left off
in the first as BYU's center Trost picked up his 3rd and 4th personals
within the first 3 minutes of the second half and went to the bench.
Wickizer went to the bench with his 4th right after Trost.

With 6 and half minutes gone in the second, BYU was out to a 62-55
lead, but then Utah State made a run, scoring 6 straight points to
pull within one. During the next few minutes, the action was fast and
furious as USU had three straight chances to take the lead, but
couldn't hit the basket. Jared Miller picked up his 4th and 5th
personals and fouled out. USU finally took the lead at 63-62 on the
free throws from Miller's 5th foul.

Nick Sanderson then started to take charge of the game for the
Cougars. He scored a basket to give BYU the lead and was fouled.
Sanderson missed the free throw but BYU rebounded and Sanderson threw
in a 3 pointer. Trost then picked up his 5th and went to the bench,
leaving Sanderson as the only BYU starter on the floor.

It was at that point that Sanderson and the BYU bench really showed
their stuff. Sanderson, along with Cuff, Woods, Larson, and Astle took
charge of the game. Sanderson started bombing in three pointers from
way past the 3-point line to overcome USU's tight zone defense. When
USU did come out to guard Sanderson, the pass went into the big men
inside. BYU won the game pulling away to a 93-83 victory.

BYU is showing a pattern similar to last year with well balanced
scoring. Each night, someone new steps up and really puts their mark
on the game. Tuesday against ASU it was Miller with 31 points. Against
USU, Miller fouled out with no points. Sanderson was the man against
USU. Combined with a good game on Tuesday, Sanderson had 52 points and
23 rebounds for the week. Can you believe 23 rebounds in two games
from a guard? Sanderson set a BYU school record for most 3-point
baskets scored in a game with 7 against USU.

Knight and Cuff were the only other Cougars to score in double figures
against USU and both had outstanding games - Cuff looked very solid at
that critical point where things looked bad for BYU with USU having
the lead and BYU fouling out players left and right.

Larson started slow after sitting on the bench for a couple of weeks,
but picked up his game in the second half to score 9 points. Last
year, as a freshman, Larson had some truly great games early in the
season. Against USU last year, Larson scored about 25 points. Larson
should start to really shine in a week or two as he gets back up to

Utah State              FG      FT      R       A       PF      TP
Cotten                  2-5     0-1     1       5       1       4
Turner                  0-0     0-0     0       0       0       0
Goodman                 9-17    4-6     3       7       4       25
Rose                    2-10    2-4     5       2       4       7
Gentry                  1-2     0-0     1       0       4       3
Ramirez                 2-3     0-0     2       1       4       4
Hay                     5-18    5-8     12      3       2       15
DaSilva                 2-7     5-7     2       0       1       9
Wickizer                5-10    6-8     8       1       4       16
Totals                  28-72   22-34   44      19      24      83

BYU                     FG      FT      R       A       PF      TP
Sanderson               10-15   3-5     11      3       1       30
Larson                  3-7     3-4     4       0       4       9
Reid                    1-4     0-0     3       5       2       3
Cuff                    4-9     2-4     2       3       1       11
Durrant                 1-4     4-6     4       4       1       6
Trost                   2-5     4-6     8       4       5       8
Astle                   1-1     2-2     3       1       2       4
Knight                  5-7     2-2     4       1       3       14
Woods                   4-5     0-2     1       1       3       8
Miller                  0-2     0-0     1       0       5       0
Totals                  31-59   20-31   45      21      27      93

Halftime - BYU 45, USU 42.

Shooting percentages - Field Goals: BYU 52.5, USU 38.9;
                       Free Throws: BYU 64.5, USU 64.7.

Three-point shooting - BYU 11-22 (Sanderson 7-12, Reid 1-2, Cuff 1-3,
Durrant 0-1, Knight 2-4), USU 5-18 (Cotten 0-2, Goodman 3-7, Rose 1-6,
Gentry 1-1, Hay 0-1, Wickizer 0-1).

Steals - BYU 6 (Larson 3, Durrant, Trost 2), USU 6 (Goodman 3, Rose

Blocks - BYU 11 (Larson 5, Sanderson, Durrant 2, Trost 2), USU 4
(Rose, Hay, DaSilva, Wickizer).

Technical fouls - None.

Attendance - 10,210.

BYU travels to Ogden on Tuesday to play Weber State before heading
back to Provo to host the Cougar Classic. In the first round of the
Classic on Friday, BYU meets Southern Utah State for the first time
ever. In the other game of the first round, Santa Clara takes on

1992-93 Schedule

Nov. 21         Slovenian National Team (exhib) Provo  (BYU 98-46)
Nov. 25         Athletes In Action      (exhib) Provo  (BYU 90-70)
Dec. 1          Arizona State                   Provo  (BYU 108-98)
Dec. 4          Utah State                      Logan  (BYU 93-83)
Dec. 8          Weber State                     Ogden
Dec. 11         Cougar Classic                  Provo
                  Santa Clara vs. Georgia
                  Southern Utah vs. BYU
Dec. 12         Cougar Classic                  Provo
Dec. 18         Utah State                      Provo
Dec. 21         Maui Invitational               Lahaina, HI
                  BYU vs. Oklahoma              
Dec. 22           Memphis State or Chaminade
Dec. 23           Duke, LSU, Stanford, or DePaul
Dec. 28         Far West Classic                Portland, OR
                  BYU vs. Oregon
Dec. 29           BYU vs. ?
Jan. 2          UTEP                            Provo
Jan. 4          New Mexico                      Provo
Jan. 9          Utah                            Provo
Jan. 14         Fresno State                    Fresno, CA
Jan. 16         Air Force                       Colorado Springs
Jan. 21         San Diego State                 Provo
Jan. 23         Hawaii                          Provo
Jan. 28         Colorado State                  Fort Collins
Jan. 30         Wyoming                         Laramie
Feb. 4          Colorado State                  Provo
Feb. 6          Wyoming                         Provo
Feb. 11         Hawaii                          Honolulu
Feb. 13         San Diego State                 San Diego
Feb. 18         Fresno State                    Provo
Feb. 20         Air Force                       Provo
Feb. 25         Sacramento State                Provo
Feb. 27         Utah                            Salt Lake City
Mar. 4          UTEP                            El Paso
Mar. 6          New Mexico                      Albuquerque
Mar. 10-13      WAC Tournament                  Delta Center, Salt
Lake City


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BYU Report: BYU vs. Utah State

Post by Timothy Ts » Wed, 09 Dec 1992 07:08:08


>Shooting percentages - Field Goals: BYU 52.5, USU 38.9;
>                       Free Throws: BYU 64.5, USU 64.7.

Is it just me, or does it seem like BYU's free throw shooting percentage is
lower this year?  I though BYU shot over 70% as a team last year.
Timothy Tsai              Celtics Rule!!!


BYU Report: BYU vs. Utah State

Post by maxwel.. » Wed, 09 Dec 1992 09:41:26

>>Shooting percentages - Field Goals: BYU 52.5, USU 38.9;
>>                       Free Throws: BYU 64.5, USU 64.7.

> Is it just me, or does it seem like BYU's free throw shooting percentage is
> lower this year?  I though BYU shot over 70% as a team last year.
> --

Look to see BYU's free throw shooting go up with the return of
one Kevin Nixon, Mr. Automatic.. I once watched a game in which he
hit 17 of 17 in one game.



BYU Report: BYU vs. Utah State

Post by Jazzy » Wed, 09 Dec 1992 11:33:12


>Look to see BYU's free throw shooting go up with the return of
>one Kevin Nixon, Mr. Automatic.. I once watched a game in which he
>hit 17 of 17 in one game.

        Of course Nixon is automatic.  He transferred in from Northwestern!

        Jazzy J

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