Rotisserie League Openings

Rotisserie League Openings

Post by Larry Lining » Sun, 04 Mar 1990 05:42:52

The Double Junior Rotisserie League is based in the San Jose area.  We have three
teams whose owners have decided not to return this season.  (The three owners had been
operating a total of 16 teams and have decided to cut down.)  We use NL players only.

We will have our roster freeze on March 31.   The draft date will be determined after
the labor dispute is settled, assuming that the National League decides to perform
this year.

The league will cost you about $185, with $150 going into a prize fund.  There are no
transaction fees, but you do have to pay for long-term contracts per rotisserie rules.
** This offer is void where prohibited by law. **  (just in case) ;-)

We have decided to offer these teams to the "most interested and qualified parties."
If you are interested in acquiring one of these teams, send me mail.  You must be able
to attend the auction draft in Sunnyvale.  

I will send you the rosters of the three available teams.   If you decide you want to
make a bid for one of the teams, contact me and give me your bid.  You might win a
team for $10 or it might take $50.  If only three people are interested, the teams
will be awarded for free.   We don't want to rip anyone off, we just want to keep the
league going.  The league has been operating for five years.

        Regards,        Lorenzo

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