Quotes from the Lakers-Blazers game 10/31/00 Volume 2 Issue 1

Quotes from the Lakers-Blazers game 10/31/00 Volume 2 Issue 1

Post by Garret Okamo » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 12:55:33

AP  = Associated Press            USA = USA Today
OCR = Orange County Register      LAT = LA Times
PO  = Portland Oregonian          SB  = Sacramento Bee
SPI = Seattle Post Intelligencer
LADN = LA Daily News
LBPT = Long Beach Press-Telegram

I would like to apologize for missing so many days of
the quotes. First I had my family situation in LA and
then I went to a conference (which ended today). I have
so much work now that I won't be able to go back to
get those old quotes...sorry.

I also apologize for ending my policy of sending tapes
out to Laker fans. For the past 3 years, I've sent out
a *large* number of tapes to folks who missed games.
I've paid for the cost of the tapes and for the shipping
out of my own pocket, even the tape I sent to Slovenia.
However, the last tape I sent out was my tape that had
the end of Game 4 vs Portland, Game 7 vs Portland,
and Games 1 and 2 vs Indiana. I had the commercials
cut out and included interviews also. Hence, that tape
meant a lot to me and was one for my collection...but
the person I leant it to still has not returned it.

Shaq was simply amazing once again--36 points, 11 rebounds,
5 assists, and 4 blocks. He helped on defense, set up his
teammates on offense, and got seemingly every big man on
the Blazers in foul trouble. He also started off shooting
extremely well on the FTs (6-8 at one time), though he
cooled off late. 24 1st half points on 9-11 FGs...man.

Kobe had a horrible game, bad turnovers, cold shooting,
bad decisions on offense, foul trouble with his D. But
he did step up to get Portland to foul him late in the
game so that he'd be the one shooting the FTs...and
despite his earlier struggles, he went 5-5 FTs then.

Rider played much better than I had thought he would,
after seeing him struggle a fair amount in the pre-
season. He gave them firepower on offense, played
decent defense, and passed the ball well. If this is
the Rider the Lakers get all season, I'd be extremely
happy. Hopefully Jackson and the players talk to him
about his technical and he can still express his
emotion but in a more positive way.  Rider was 0-5
for 3pt shots in preseason, 1-1 in this game, with
his 3pt shot coming at a key time.

I thought that Horace played a decent game. He
rebounded well, hit a jumper, and made Wallace work
*** offense. Wallace got his points, but he had
to take shots from further out on the floor than
last year and Horace was jumping to make the shots
even harder. To his credit, Wallace hit them and he
hurt the Lakers. But Wallace's points came on much
less double-teaming than the Lakers had to do last
season, when Wallace got so many easy points.

I thought that Foster played extremely well, and was
in the game for a key stretch in the win. Jackson
sat Shaq down for a rest, which he seemed to need...
but last year would probably have had to rush Shaq
back into a key game like this on the road. However,
Foster hit a jumper, got an assist, got a rebound,
and basically bought some extra time for Jackson to
rest Shaq. The Lakers were on the plus side while
Shaq was out, and the 2nd unit turned the momentum.

I thought that Fox had a nice game, especially in
the first half. The Blazers were sagging off of him,
and he made them pay by hitting his first 2 3pt shots.
There was at least one time that Pippen was fronting
Shaq instead of staying with Fox when they were trying
to prevent Shaq from getting the ball, but Fox's shots
seemed to discourage that strategy. Of course, Pippen's
injury took away Portland's designated help defender.
It was nice to see that the other help defender that
Portland liked to use last season (Wallace) stayed
with Horace...he respected Horace's shot a lot more
than he did AC's shot last season.

Shaw was clutch again, especially when he scored 7
of their first 9 points in the 4th quarter. That
gave the Lakers the lead while Shaq was resting.

Lue played well, except for one play on D when
he just let his guy go right to the basket. He came
a long way from the guy who was hurt and seemingly
in danger of being cut early in camp.

The game was not a well-played one by either team.
I think that Pippen's loss hurt the Blazers' O.
I think that the loss of Sabonis really hurts the
Blazers' matchup with Shaq, as none of their other
players have the bulk (well, Kemp has bulk but it
isn't the good type of bulk) needed vs Shaq.

I couldn't believe how badly Kobe struggled, but I
felt he was probably too hyped up for the game. He
struggled mightily to start, then got in foul trouble
and that threw his game off. I also couldn't believe
how many times the Lakers threw the ball away, even
on some supposedly "safe" passes. At one point I
believe the turnover tally was LA 10, Porland 1.

It doesn't matter who is best now, it matter who is
best at the end of the season. However, the #1 seed
*does* matter, since it gives homecourt and the
chance to avoid playing both SA and Portland (assuming
that LA, SA, and Portland are the top 3 seeds).

Shaq and Harper were named team captains, same as
last season. I figure that Kobe will be named a
captain after Harper retires.

The Lakers invited both AC and Salley to be a part
of their ring ceremony tonight. AC won't be there
because Miami signed him. Buss spent about $7,500
each on the rings and will give out about *100* of
them to players and full-time employees. Players
and personnel can purchase other rings if they like.
My ring size is available upon request. :-)

I could go on and on, but this is long enough.

About the scene before the game:
"On the scoreboard overhead, Trail Blazer management
rolled a message. "Last year," it read, "our dream
became a nightmare. Now we're back and stronger than
ever. IT'S TIME to shoot and defend. IT'S TIME for
sacrifice and passion. IT'S TIME." So they got loud in
the name of redemption, as if a game on the final day
of October might finally clear their palates, and they
splashed Blazer red across their little gray town.
The Lakers shrugged and threw the ball to O'Neal." (LAT)

Feeling that Utah is going to come out strong vs them
tonight after having to watch their ring ceremony, Jackson:
"Obviously, when you have a ring ceremony night in front
of an opponent that's vital and as critical to this team's
past and present as is Utah, and then you make them sit
for 30 minutes to watch whatever -- the accolades and the
celebration of a ring that they haven't been able to get
in the course of being a *** power for a decade in
this league -- they are going to come out and make us
pay attention real quickly. They will have a lot if vein
and vigor, I think." (RPE, LBPT, LADN)

"There's still *** in the air, so to speak, in this
series. Obviously, when you have a ring ceremony night in
front of an opponent that's as vital and critical to this
team's past and present as Utah and you make them sit for
30 minutes and watch the accolades and the celebration of
a ring that they haven't been able to get ... they're
going to come out and make us pay attention real quickly." (OCR)

About their game vs Portland, Jackson said:
"There's still *** in the air, kind of, so to speak, in
this series." (RPE, LAT)
Note: Both RPE and LAT used the quote to refer to Portland,
but the full quote from OCR sounds like it refers to Utah.

"We thought that coming up here in Games 3 and 4 would
probably define that, winning two games on their home
court was really the defining moment of that series. When
we had them down 3-1 after being tied in the series on our
own court, we didn't think that they could beat us three
games in a row, and yet they almost put three games
together, minus a quarter. So they can look back and say
the one quarter (beat them). But the reality is that we
came up here on their home court and beat them twice,
which is the growth this team had." (RPE)
Note: Before the game, the Blazers were calling this
game the "Fifth Quarter".

Unsure what to expect before the game, Jackson said:
"It's a mystery. There's a mystery out there as to what's
going on. Sometimes you pay so much attention to condi-
tioning or one aspect or another in training camp, it's
just nice to see the season get into its flow, so you
can (get a feel for) things, critical things, players
fitting in a rotation that hasn't been developed, a
rhythm of play that players haven't learned for 36 to
40 minutes a game, that are critical players." (LBPT, LADN)

About Horace's matchup vs Wallace, Jackson said before
the game:
"He's going to contest Rasheed. He's got the size and the
length to do that. His ability to play on the block is
good. He's got the moxie, he knows how. I think that it's
a game that is a precursor to what we see Horace being
able to do against Rasheed. However, Horace has not
rounded into the kind of season shape that he will be in
another month or two." (RPE, LAT)

Worried about Horace staying out of foul trouble, Jackson
said before the game:
"It's always tough to judge on the road in the first game
of the season. It depends on what kind of [credibility]
Horace has with the officiating, because this is a team
that is going to put a lot of pressure on individual
defense. If you keep your players out of foul trouble,
then it will have an effective measure. Horace, by nature
of how our team is balanced without Robert Horry, is
almost going to have to be without fouls." (LAT)

Feeling that Shaq would have an easier time vs Portland
because Sabonis was out, Jackson said before the game:
"Sabonis is a body that could keep (O'Neal) away from
the basket. Maybe (Shawn) Kemp is that size now ... but
from my standpoint, looking at their roster, Will Perdue
has not been able to body him; I know Will pretty well.
And obviously Rasheed Wallace isn't. And Antonio Harvey
is their other big guy who certainly doesn't have a big
enough body to keep Shaq away from the hoop." (OCR)

Asked if he expected Portland to hack Shaq, Jackson
said before the game:
"I don't see what choice they have actually. It's not
just that they have fouls to give, it's just who's going
to stop him if they don't foul him?" (LAT)

Before the game, Jackson called the Portland fans:
"highly charged" (LAT)

Evaluating the game, Jackson said:
"We made a donnybrook out of that game in the third quarter
by not taking care of the ball. But we were able to get it
back in the fourth quarter. Our bench gave us a big lift.
J.R. was great tonight." (AP)

"Well, we made a donnybrook out of that game in the third
quarter by not taking care of the ball very well and got
mired up in some things out there. But we were able to get
it back in the fourth quarter. Our bench gave us a lift.
J.R. was great tonight off the bench. We had some other
people that helped us a lot. The big guy was his ***
self." (RPE)

About Rider, Jackson said:
"J.R. (Rider) is such an impact player but he still looks a
little uncomfortable working in our system. We would like
to start him, but it will take a while for him to get
comfortable." (USA)

About Kobe's struggles, Jackson said:
"I think Kobe was really jacked up for the game." (LADN)

About how Pippen's injury hurt Portland, Jackson said:
"Of course, Portland missed Scottie Pippen. You can't
lose the best defensive player in the league without
having an effect on your team." (USA)

"When you take one of the best defenders off the floor,
it has an impact." (PO)

About Shaq's ***, Jackson said:
"The big guy was his *** self. You can dummy through
in practice whatever you want to do, but when the real
guy shows up, it's an incredibly difficult task." (AP)

Stating that keeping Lue on their roster was an easy
decision, Jackson said:
"Tyronn had a sprained ankle during training camp, and
since that sprain he has come on and played ... great
ball - as good as I've seen him play since I've been
here coaching." (OCR)

"We feel he's playing great ball, or as good as I've
seen him play since I've been here coaching." (LBPT, LADN)

Before the game, Shaq said:
"Nobody is big enough to guard me. They're going to
have to double-team me." (PO)

Praising Rider, Shaq said:
"Isaiah came in and played a remarkable game." (USA)

About his play in the game, Shaq said:
"I'm a smart player. I don't have to shoot over two or
three guys all the time.  I'm going to try to play smart
and get my guys the ball and then I get involved and do
it myself." (USA)

"I'm one of the last true centers. I get the ball in the
paint and use my big (butt). I get it and go up. The only
person who's going to stop me is me. When I get stopped,
I'll call a press conference and say it's time to retire." (SPI)

Asked if the Blazers would have had a better chance
with Sabonis playing, Shaq said:
"Sabonis can't hold me either. He doesn't want to face me." (SPI)

About his first-half ***, Shaq said:
"They were looking me in the first half and I was getting
deep and I was taking advantage of the shots." (USA)

"My guys were looking for me in the first half, and I was
getting deep and taking advantage of the shots. But we
have a lot of weapons this year. I'm not going to try to
break my neck to be the leading scorer in the league." (PO)

About his play, Shaq said:
"I'm a basketball-player reactionist. I have a lot of
moves on each block and I know for a fact if I get it
deep close to the basket, there's not much you can do." (LADN)

"There's nobody on Earth that can take all three of my
moves away when I get close to the basket. Impossible.
When there is somebody who can do that, it's time for me
to quit." (LADN)

About his team and the Blazers, Shaq said:
"On paper, we have a fabulous team, the best team I've
ever played on. We beat a great Portland team. We realize
that we are going to be in their way, and they're going to
be in our way." (AP)

Trying to place this win in perspective, Shaq said:
"We came in and got a great win against a great Portland
team. I said yesterday that somebody was going to be 1-0,
somebody was going to be 0-1. But it's still 81 games left.
Nothing was won tonight, nothing was lost. We just have to
keep that same intensity, keep moving the ball and keep
playing like that. If we keep playing like that, we could
rack up a lot of wins . . . If we play like this, we
could have a 70-win season." (RPE)

"It's gonna be a long season. We came in tonight and we
got a win against a great Portland team. . . . Nothing
was won tonight, nothing was lost tonight. So just keep
that same intensity, keep moving the ball, keep playing
like that. We keep playing like that, we could rack up
a lot of wins." (LADN)

"It's just one game. But if we keep playing like that,
we're going to win a lot of 'em." (OCR)

"It's going to be a long season,. We have to stick to
our formula. Nothing was won tonight. Nothing was lost
tonight. But, if we keep playing like that, we could
rack up a lot of wins." (LAT)

About their rivalry with the Blazers, Kobe said:
"There's always going to be a memory of these two teams
battling last year in the playoffs. That's going to carry
over from season to season naturally." (RPE)

About putting last season behind him, Kobe said:
"For me, last season is behind us already. I think (tonight)
is the last time we get a chance to celebrate publicly with
everybody. But from a standpoint of being in this locker
room, last season is behind us. This is the beginning of a
new season." (OCR)

About the 30-foot billboard of himself, smiling down
at traffic in Portland (Nike/Blazer country), Kobe said
after seeing it for the first time:
"Dang, it looked all right." (LAT)

Rider explained his technical to Jackson by saying:
"That's my man!" (OCR)
Note: "After making the shot from the top of the key over
Bonzi Wells, one of his good friends, Rider jerked his
jersey aside to expose his chest - meaning he has heart.
Wells was starting to laugh at what his buddy was doing,
but referee Scott Wall deemed it taunting." (OCR)

Enjoying his first game with Shaq, Rider said:
"I've never had a center that demands double- and triple-
teams. And then, he still gets big numbers. It's sweet --
just sit out there, set your feet, sit on a 3. I shot the
ball real well, but I give myself a 'B' grade for the game.
I just wanted to get the ball into Shaq." (AP)

"I'm satisfied with my play. I think it was a good night
for the Laker team to fight these guys off. For me to
have a decent game was icing on the cake." (LAT)

Wanting to take advantage of his shot with the Lakers, Rider:
"I don't think this is the crossroads, but I think I need to
take advantage of this opportunity. Only a dumb man wouldn't
take advantage of this.  So I want to do the right things.  
I know Phil (Lakers coach Phil Jackson) is very critical but
that's fine.  I have to be a man and rise to the occasion."

About not playing for revenge vs Portland, Rider said:
"It wasn't like: 'Let's show Portland what I can do.'
It's no secret what I can do." (SPI)

"I wasn't playing with a vengeance. I wasn't playing  like,
'Let's show Portland.'  They know what I can do.  I led
them (in scoring) when I was here two out of three years,
so it's no secret what I can do.  Just being on a winning
team and beating them and knowing how bad they wanted to
beat the Lakers is icing on the cake."  (USA)

"I think it was a good night for the Laker team to fight
these guys off. For me to have a decent game is icing on
the cake. But I wasn't playing with a vengeance. I wasn't
playing' like, 'Lets show Portland what I can do.' They
know what I can do. I led them (in scoring) while I was
here two out of three years, so it's no secret what I can
do. It's just being on a winning team and beating them,
and knowing how bad they wanted to beat the Lakers was
icing on the cake." (LADN)

About their ring ceremony tonight, Rider (who won't be
getting one but I'm sure will watch closely) said:
"It's going to be fun for them, and it's going to make
me hungry at the same time." (OCR)

About how he signed with Orlando instead of the Lakers
in 1994 because Orlando had Shaq, Horace said:
"I did consider the Lakers back then. At the time, though,
I really wanted to play with a *** center." (LADN)
Note: "Grant, 35, could have joined the Lakers when Del
Harris did. Jerry West pursued Grant in the summer of 1994,
but the unrestricted free agent spurned the Lakers for
Orlando. His deal with the Magic was the Joe Smith contract
of its day, containing a one-year escape clause the league
found so nefarious it declared the agreement null and void.
When all was signed and done, Grant was playing for less in
Orlando -- $17 million over five years -- than he could have
commanded elsewhere. Grant didn't care. Orlando had the one
big attraction other cities lacked. The Magic had O'Neal,
the NBA's Space Mountain." (LADN)

Horace said that playing alongside Shaq again was:
"like a dream come true again." (LADN)

About how his condo in Beverly Hills is quite different
than how he grew up in rural Georgia, Horace laughed:
"I'm like the Beverly Hillbillies." (LADN)

Praising Shaq's maturity, Horace said:
"Shaq is a different player than he was in Orlando. He has
grown from a large adolescent into a man." (LADN)

About doing the dirty work, Horace said:
"Being in the spotlight has never been important to me.
I love doing the dirty work. Anyone can score if the
opportunity is there. But can anyone get down in the
trenches, if you will?" (LADN)

About how he stays on Shaq while they play together
because he sees Shaq's great potential, Horace:
"But you sort of have to wake Shaq up to get it out of
him." (LADN)

Asked what area of his game he'd most like to improve
in the early going--conditioning, shooting accuracy,
or playing with Shaq--Horace said:
"All of the above. I'm on a mission this year. If this is
my last year playing basketball, I want to go out with a
championship ring." (LAT)

About retirement, Horace said:
"It's not a certainty. I'll evaluate the situation after
the season." (LAT)

About facing the Blazers, Horace said before the game:
"They beefed up with the addition of myself, Greg [Foster]
and Isaiah [Rider]. It gives us a legitimate chance. But,
with Shawn Kemp, and with Rasheed Wallace being a premier
power forward, it's going to be tough. We have our work
cut out for us." (LAT)

About how the Lakers didn't pick up their $1.2 mil
option for him next season, Lue said:
"I wouldn't have optioned myself either, since I've been
hurt and haven't gotten a chance to really prove myself
on the court. But as long as I can stay healthy, I know
I can play. So I'm not really worried about it." (LBPT, LADN)

About earning their small guard role, at least until
Fisher returns, Lue said:
"(Jackson) is not just going to give me the role. I just
gotta come out and show that I can do it and hopefully
live up to the expectations taking Fish's position until
Fish gets back." (LBPT, LADN)

Interviewed before the NAIA national tournament,
Penworthy told Kevin Modesti of the LADN:
"I think if I get a shot, I can play in the NBA." (LADN)
Note: Modesti called Penworthy's belief in himself:
"a new strain of March Madness." (LADN)  Modesti
also said about Penworthy: "if he's a pro prospect,
then I'm Joyce Carol Oates." (LADN)  And he also

Praising Rider, Dunleavy said:
"J.R. played a great game. He definitely was a factor.  
He took good shots and made smart plays." (USA)

About how they missed being able to use Sabonis vs Shaq,
Dunleavy said:
"We missed Sabas in the paint. That's a 7-3 presence
and our rotations were really slow but I thought (O'Neal)
was a real factor tonight." (USA)

"Shaq made some shots early and got on a little bit of a
roll. Of course, we miss Sabonis a little bit as far as
having somebody 7-foot-3 in the paint, and Shaq having
to shoot over that hand at times. But for the most part,
Shaq was a factor just from the standpoint of just
making shots, and some of them were tough." (PO)

About Pippen's ankle injury, Dunleavy said:
"I saw it was bothering him. They tried to re-tape it,
but then when I took him out to see how it was, they
came back and said he was done for the game." (PO)

Unhappy with their help D, Dunleavy said:
"I was real disappointed in our defense. We were way too
soft and we paid the price. The double teams were late.
We gave up way too many open jumpers. We got burned on
some of our switches. Overall, we were lucky we were
still in the game." (RPE)

"I was real disappointed in our defense at times tonight.
There were times when it looked real good and other times
when we were just way, way too soft and we paid the price.
We were lucky to be as close as we were in the game." (PO)

"Well, we've got a long way to go. We're not playing as
well as we did last year when we played in the conference
finals. . . . We were just way, way soft and we paid the
price. . . ." (LAT)

"We've got a long way to go from a defensive standpoint." (PO)

About the positive part of their defense, Dunleavy:
"The times we became more aggressive and we forced turnovers,
that was a positive for us." (PO)

Two weeks after the Lakers won the title, Dunleavy called
Lakers PR man John Black (who had that job when Dunleavy
was the coach of the Lakers) and said:
"That's my ring you're wearing." (LAT)

About getting hurt in the first quarter and missing
the rest of the game, Pippen said:
"It's pretty frustrating. I was all up for the game." (AP)

"It was a freak accident, really. I stepped on an official's
foot. It's pretty frustrating. I was all up about the game.
Without myself and (Arvydas) Sabonis, and with us not having
a lot of chemistry yet, it's pretty hard to say we could
beat the world champions." (PO)

About their 4th quarter struggles, Pippen said:
"In the fourth quarter, we didn't have any chemistry or
rhythm to our game." (PO)

About how Game 7 of the WCF affected his summer, Damon:
"You know what, it really didn't ruin it. It just made it
hard. You know, because everybody's going to always talk
about that game so you know, you're never going to be able
to get rid of it. . . . We're going to be a part of history,
so to speak, because that's the sports game. Up by 15,
playing cool and lose the game?" (LAT)

About Rider's technical, Bonzi said:
"That's J.R.'s thing. That's what he does.  He hit a big
shot.  He showed me his chest.  I pushed him a little bit.  
He got the T." (USA)

Feeling that Rider will stay in line all season, Bonzi:
"J.R. is motivated, period. He knows this is his last
chance. I know he doesn't want to be out of the league.
I think he's going to be doing this year-round." (PO)

About the loss, Bonzi said:
"This is definitely a frustrating loss after getting beat
in the finals. This is only the first game of the season." (LADN)

About Shaq's ***, Kemp said:
"Shaq asserted himself early and asserted himself late.
You can't say enough about the game he had.  I thought
he was going to go for 30 in the first half." (USA)

"He asserted himself early, and he asserted himself late.
You can't say enough about the night he had. But even with
that, this is one of those games we'll probably look back
at and say we let get away." (PO)

Before the game, Steve Smith admitted:
"it's more than just a game. ... Because of last year." (SB)

About trying to get back into shape, Detlef:
"I just want to get to where I feel confident that I can
contribute and that I'm all right, health-wise. I hadn't
been working out much. I wasn't even been playing golf.
But now I'm slowly getting back into it, trying to get
in shape." (PO)

When Wallace made a jumper during their first offensive
possession of the game, a Blazer fan yelled:
"Where was that in the fourth quarter?" (LAT)
Box Score

                      fg    ft    rb
               min   m-a   m-a   o-t  a pf   tp
Fox             27   2-6   1-2   0-5  5  3    6
Grant           47   2-5   1-2   2-8  1  5    5
Oneal           44 14-20  8-16  3-11  5  1   36
Harper          27   2-3   1-2   1-5  6  2    6
Bryant          35  4-11   6-6   0-2  2  4   14
Lue             11   2-4   0-0   1-1  2  0    4
Shaw            15   2-3   2-2   0-1  3  1    7
Madsen           1   0-0   0-0   0-0  0  0    0
George           3   1-2   0-0   0-0  0  1    3
Rider           26   6-8   0-0   1-5  3  1   13
Foster           4   1-1   0-0   0-1  1  0    2
Horry          DNP - personal reasons
TOTALS         240 36-63 19-30  8-39 28 18   96

Percentages: FG-.571, FT-.633. 3-Point Goals:
5-11, .455 (Fox 1-3, Grant 0-1, Harper 1-1,
Bryant 0-1, Lue 0-1, Shaw 1-1, George 1-2, Rider
1-1). Team rebounds: 11. Blocked shots: 8 (Oneal
4, Harper 2, Fox, Bryant). Turnovers: 20 (Bryant
7, Harper 4, Shaw 3, George 2, Grant, Lue, Oneal,
Rider). Steals: 5 (Rider 2, Bryant, Harper,

                      fg    ft    rb
               min   m-a   m-a   o-t  a pf   tp
Pippen           7   0-0   0-0   1-2  0  0    0
Davis           30   1-4   0-0   2-6  1  5    2
Wallace         47 11-17   2-2   3-7  2  1   26
Stoudamire      29  3-13   1-1   1-1  4  3    7
Smith           36  8-18   6-7   1-2  5  3   22
Wells           26  3-11   1-2   1-3  4  2    7
Perdue           2   0-0   0-0   0-0  0  0    0
Augmon          27   3-8   4-4   2-6  1  2   10
Anthony         20   3-4   0-0   1-1  1  5    8
Kemp            12   2-9   0-0   0-2  0  4    4
Harvey           4   0-1   0-0   1-2  0  3    0
Barkley        DNP - coach's decision
TOTALS         240 34-85 14-16 13-32 18 28   86

Percentages: FG-.400, FT-.875. 3-Point Goals:
4-11, .364 (Wallace 2-2, Stoudamire 0-1, Smith
0-4, Wells 0-1, Anthony 2-3). Team rebounds: 9.
Blocked shots: 1 (Wallace). Turnovers: 10
(Wallace 3, Anthony 2, Stoudamire 2, Kemp, Smith,
Wells). Steals: 13 (Stoudamire 3, Wells 3,
Anthony 2, Augmon 2, Davis, Kemp, Pippen).
La Lakers          27   26   14   29  -   96
Portland           22   22   23   19  -   86
Technical fouls: La Lakers 1 (Rider, 3:28 4th).
Flagrant fouls: None.  A: 20,270. T: 2:34.
Officials: Hugh Evans, Mark Wunderlich, Scott

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