! Basketball Information Site !

! Basketball Information Site !

Post by Greg Faulkne » Thu, 04 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Announcing The Owner's Box

This is an invitation for you to check out the newest
service from Faulkner Strategics Group, Inc.

The Owner's Box is the ultimate gathering place for
fantasy sports enthusiasts.  This site is designed to
be the one stop for fantasy players to get everything
that they need in order to enjoy fantasy sports to
the max.

The URL is http://www.theownersbox.com

The Owner's Box will touch on all aspects of fantasy
sports including Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball,
NASCAR and Golf.  Go to the area of your interest or
check out the other areas to find out what's up with the
other sports.

FSG Inc. has gathered up some great contributors for the
site.  At The Owner's Box, you will find some insightful
and timely articles as well as information on the latest
injury information and playing time.

Future additions coming to The Owner's Box are contests,
online leagues, stat lookups, etc.

Check out this exciting new site and feel free to pass on
any comments or suggestions.

Greg Faulkner

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