RFD: rec.sport.baseball.roto

RFD: rec.sport.baseball.roto

Post by Ronald E. Grah » Thu, 01 Aug 1991 12:40:27

This is a Request for Discussion for a proposed new group, or at least
group concept, tentatively named


which is designed to funnel off discussions of Rotisserie or Fantasy
baseball from the existing rec.sport.baseball.  The charter for such a
group would consist of, but not be limited to, the following:

o  formation of Fantasy baseball leagues;
o  trading of players/analysis of trades between Roto teams;
o  selection of statistics used to rate teams;
o  expansion and removal of teams;
o  player auctions;
o  league government;
o  selection of league/team names :-)...

and so on.  This group would be unmoderated.


Currently rec.sport.baseball is a newsgroup with a tremendous amount of
traffic.  A small amount of that traffic is directly related to Fantasy
or Rotisserie baseball (sometimes even with ROTO in the subject line).
A large number of participants in that newsgroup participate in Fantasy
leagues themselves.

Rotisserie and Fantasy baseball, while not the same thing precisely, can
be boiled down to the formation of imaginary teams of real major league
players "owned" by the individual.  He/she organizes the roster, decides
(where applicable) how players are paid, makes the trades.  The league
decides how to rate teams based on some combination of composite team

Participants in such activity are sometimes the most rabid (or at least
the most math-oriented) of all baseball fans.  

This form of fan activity has increased in popularity tremendously over
the last several years.  Continued increases are expected.  This is not
a good measure, however, of Usenet response to group discussion.  The
problem is, rec.sport.baseball contains so much traffic, and there are
so many posters, that I wonder whether interest in such a group could be
accurately gauged short of the "official" discussion procedure.  Well.
There it is.

There are two other problems to be faced in this discussion, IMPO:

o  the name - r.s.b.roto or r.s.b.fantasy or something else?
o  the sport - just baseball only, or should there be a rec.sport.fantasy
   to cover football, basketball, etc. as well?

I do not have answers to these questions, but I am willing to conduct a
Straw Poll for the name (and even another for the sport(s)) if it looks
like folks want such a thing.

If, after a discussion period of about 30 days, I perceive interest in
such a group to outnumber opposition by at least a 2-1 margin (what you
need to pass a Usenet group vote), then I will call for votes on or about
August 30.

Comments welcome via e-mail or posting.  Even flames welcome - since I
don't know where this proposal should be yet, I'm not afraid.  Please
confine posting on this subject to news.groups.


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