Final Four Final Thoughts

Final Four Final Thoughts

Post by IDC Databa » Tue, 04 Apr 1995 04:00:00

     We doubted.  We under-estimated.  We chanted "weak schedule"
and "home court" like mantras.

     We were wrong.  _I_ was wrong.  The University of Connecticut
Huskies are the best team in women's college basketball.  Period.

     As painful as it was to watch Stanford humiliated by UConn on
Saturday, it was almost perversely fascinating as well.  There was
an almost eerie quality to the kind of passes Lobo, Rizzotti and
Wolters were making to find each other.  Stanford had no answers
because the couldn't even figure out the questions.  It didn't help
that the Stanford offense looked like they were just trying it out
for the first time, or that Olympia Scott blew three layups with
horrible pump fakes.  But trying to put a finger on one reason UConn
dominated the game from start to finish is futility of the highest

     Sunday, the Huskies had to play a different game -- catch-up --
and the had to do it facing serious foul difficulties for virtually
the entire game.  This time the offense wasn't as textbook-perfect
as it had been on Saturday, so the Huskies had to fall back on
defense and rebounding.  They out-defended the team that head coach
Pat Summitt had told "defense wins games;" they out-rebounded the
team that she had told "rebounding wins championships."  In so
doing, UConn won the game and the championship.

     Congratulations to the University of Connecticut on two
sensational games and one of the greatest seasons in the game's

Scott Renshaw
Stanford University
Office of the General Counsel