Lakers Quotes 7/31/99 - 8/2/99

Lakers Quotes 7/31/99 - 8/2/99

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--- Quotes from the 7/31/99 and 8/1/99 ---

About the meeting between West, Kupchak, Rice,
and Rice's wife, Lakers spokesman John Black:
"It went well. They wanted to meet with him
face-to-face, to sit down and talk with him
about things that happened last season--obviously,
it was a chaotic season for everyone involved
with Lakers. They wanted to make sure there were
no issues that needed to be resolved. A lot has
been written, there have been rumors, and they
wanted to let him definitely know we want him
to be a part of the team and Phil is looking
forward to him being a part of the team." (LAT)

About Rice being upset the night he was informed
that his option was picked up, Black said:
"Obviously, there was some disappointment on
Glen's part about the contract option being
picked up, and he had made some statements last
year about his unhappiness with certain aspects
of the offense and of the team." (LAT)

About the pace of business during the month of
July (where team can talk to but not sign players),
Oakley's agent Billy Diamond said:
"It's been slow -- that's been the frustrating part." (LADN)

About the pace of activity in August, Diamond said:
"I expect a lot of teams to announce trades and
signings the first week in August. Then I think
there's going to be a lull, then a second wave in
mid-to-late August." (LADN)

Expecting a flurry of activity on August 1, Kupchak:
"I think there will be more transactions than you
normally have on July 1, because people have had an
extra month to think about it. I don't think you'll
see a lot of people dragging things out until the
end of August or September." (LADN)

Not expecting them to make a major trade, Kupchak:
"I think it's unlikely that we'll make a major trade,
just because we like our team and in general it's
tough to make a trade (because of salary-cap
constraints)." (LADN)

Expecting them to not trade Rice, Kupchak said:
"We fully expect him to be back with us next year.
My best guess is he'd be very happy and motivated." (LADN)

--- Quotes from 8/2/99 ---

About the Lakers, Oakley said:
"The Lakers have a good team. They've got a lot of
talent. You know, last year was an up-and-down season
for them. I know that it's not the type of franchise
that's going to have another season like that. Hey,
the foundation is here. But a lot more little parts
need to be added." (LAT)

Asked if he'd take less money to play in LA, Oakley:
"I'm going to have to see what happens. Money ain't
the big thing right now. It's about the (players')
attitudes and everybody wanting to do the same thing
every night on the court." (LADN)

"I know they have a great coach, great surroundings,
Kobe and Shaq--two great players. And I think with
the Glen Rice addition last year, this team has a
chance to win a championship. Money isn't the big
thing right now. It's about guys' attitudes. I'm not
just going to throw myself out here. I've got to
know if everybody's willing to be on the same track." (LAT)

"I think the foundation is here to win a title. A
lot more little parts need to be added. I gotta know
everybody wants to be on the same track. If I come
here, there ain't going to be no bull. I'm all about
business." (LADN)

Not expecting to make a decision while he's in town
for Magic's charity golf tournament, Oakley said:
"Unless they show me so much housewarming and get my
attention and just make me feel like I've been here
10 years. You never know." (LADN)
Note: 10 teams are after Oakley and Toronto has
already offered him more than the $2 mil exception
that the Lakers can give him.

About how Oakley would be great for their team, Horry:
"I think that would be best for the team. I don't think
what's best for the team is me trying to bang with Karl
Malone. I don't really know Oak personally, but I think
he's the kind of guy that will do anything for a team
to win. Anytime you got a guy who can do that, it's a
good fit." (LADN)

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