Tony C

Tony C

Post by Tim Hou » Thu, 01 Mar 1990 06:48:06


>brings up the following question: After his beaning in 1967, he came
>back with stats comparable to those before the injury, especially in
>1970, when he had highs in both HRs and RBIs. So what went wrong after
>that? He quit in 1971, after it seemed (going by the numbers, at least)
>that he had made a successful comeback.

I heard that his injury starting causing dizziness and fuzzy vision
around 1970-1971, thus his retirement.  But he attempted a 2nd comeback
in 1974 (?), but the Red Sox had a number of young players (Lynn and Rice)
they wanted to develop so Tony was released.



Tony C

Post by Don Coolid » Sun, 04 Mar 1990 08:23:32

For all the mention of Tony C., his career, and the entire tragedy of
how it ended, nobody (at least as posted to my node!) has reminded us
of the most fascinating aspect of his baseball years:

        Nobody, but _nobody_, ever hit his 100th career home run at a
        younger age than Tony C. Not Ruth, not Aaron, not Mays, not
        Schmidt, not even Teddy Ballgame.


_That's_ the kind of career that was cut short by one terrible pitch.

- Don Coolidge