2nd RFD: rec.sport.baseball.fantasy

2nd RFD: rec.sport.baseball.fantasy

Post by Ron Grah » Sun, 03 May 1992 04:48:55

This is the second RFD for rec.sport.baseball.fantasy.  This group was
named rec.sport.baseball.roto, but I have decided to change the proposed
name as a result of a Straw Poll conducted among contributors to the
Roto/Fantasy Baseball Mailing List.  The result was clearly in favor of
fantasy over .roto, principally because there are various varieties of
fantasy baseball other than classic Rotisserie.  Those who favored .roto
generally did so out of its simplicity.

There are no changes in the charter for this group, based on discussion
held to date.  I might just point out three suggestions made by contributors
to the discussion:

(1) that we retain some means of passing on "classified" information,
    apart from posting, so that some can maintain their "edge" :-);
(2) that we consider having volunteers upload team stats regularly
    to assist with determination of standings (this may be happening
    in the parent group already, I dunno);
(3) that we cross-post injury updates to the parent group.

Suggestion (3) is the only one involving cross-posting of any kind that
I have encountered, so there should be a minimum of redundant information.

Let me also remind anyone interested that there is currently a Mailing
List, and that the List has seen extremely high traffic (particularly
close to Opening Day), and that the signal/noise ratio of the List is
extremely high as well.  Those are points that seem to support the formation
of a newsgroup.

There have been a few that have suggested the formation of r.s.fantasy.*
instead of the route I have chosen.  I went this way instead because I
think that a general newsgroup for fantasy sports would ultimately split,
and when that split takes place, most on the Net who would care would want
that split to occur along existing logical lines.  So I say, do it that
way now.

The Call for Votes for this group will be issued on or about 05/05, to be
consistent with the 30-day discussion period requested by the Usenet
Guidelines for New Group Creation.  In the meantime, continue the discussion
in news.groups, one and all :-).

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