Some Quotes from the Lakers-Sonics game 4/11/99

Some Quotes from the Lakers-Sonics game 4/11/99

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I don't have time for a full quote post, but here are
some of the more interesting quotes I saw.


OCR = Orange County Register        LAT = LA Times
LADN = LA Daily News                ST  = Seattle Times
SPI  = Seattle Post-Intelligencer
LBPT = Long Beach Press-Telegram

About the technical foul he got late in the game, Rambis:
"I shouldn't have gotten a technical. I was mad at the
time. But it was clearly the wrong call. Shaq should've
had it. He was sitting on the ball. As soon as Olden put
his hands in there to grab the ball, that's when the
jump ball was called. Ty came in there unbelievably
late." (LAT, LBPT, OCR, LADN)

Asked if they lost a big opportunity over the last 3
weeks, Rambis said:
"That's looking backward. I don't do that. We're just
going to continue to push and try and do things to
make us better. We did a lot of good things today. And
I'm happy with the good things and I'm disappointed
with some other things." (LAT)

"That's looking backwards; I don't do that. We've just
gotta do things to make us better. We did a lot of
good things today. I'm happy with the good things and
disappointed in some other things. We'll watch the
videotape and try to learn from our mistakes." (LADN)

About the loss, Rambis said:
"It was a hard-fought game. They played well, I thought
we did a lot of good things. But they just played a
little bit better than us today." (LADN)

Asked how Lakers management responded to the recent
events with Rodman, Rambis said:
"Oh." (LADN)

About why he started Patterson, Rambis said:
"I was just looking for Ruben to bring some energy,
some effort and defensive intensity and to pound on
Payton. I asked Robert if he wanted to start, and he
said he'd prefer to keep coming off the bench." (OCR)

About using Lue as a change-of-pace PG, Rambis said:
"I like what Ty brings to the table." (OCR)

Asked about Lue's liabilities on defense, Rambis:
"That's always been the liability of small point guards
in this league. They have to find a way to not be a
liability to get more minutes." (OCR)
Note: I watched Lue at least 13 times in college, 7
times live, and posted about how he would be posted up
on defense in the pros (he couldn't stop college guards
from posting him up over the 4 years I saw him play).
The Sonics only posted up Hawkins when Lue was defending
him, not Fisher or Harper.  As a rookie, Lue won't get
the benefit of calls so he's REALLY going to have a
tough time stopping people in the post.  After the first
Sonics game, one Lakers fan criticized Fisher's post
defense against Payton and advocated using Lue to defend
him in the post--which I found bizarre. The Lakers tried
doubling Hawkins when Lue was defending him in the post,
but the Sonics had good ball movement and got an open
shot each time the Lakers did that.

Kobe said that the jump ball with Lue controversy was:
"a tough blow. You just have to fight through it." (LADN)

About losing again at home, Kobe said:
"It's tough, because you never want to lose on your
home court. That's something you have to cherish.
That's a lot of pride involved. You never want to lose
at home, especially a game like this . . . " (LAT)
Note: Kobe had 25 points, 9 assists, ZERO turnovers.

About how the Sonics hustled to the ball quicker, Kobe:
"On certain possessions and key points of the game, when
we felt we should have gotten to the ball, they beat us
to it. They were a step quicker." (SPI)

Asked if it is too late to put things together, Kobe:
"It's never too late. We have certain parts of certain
games where we're playing great, everybody's on the
same page, we're moving the ball, we're moving, we're
cutting . . . And then other games, it's not there.
It just comes with playing together." (LAT)

About how they ignore the distractions from Rodman, Kobe:
"It kind of just went like this, right over the top of
our heads. We had a game to get ready for." (LBPT, LADN)

Asked by a different reporter if the Rodman distractions
contributed to their struggles, Kobe said:
"I don't know who's upset and who's not upset. Certain
personalities on the team are not happy but, as a whole,
we're dealing with it." (OCR)

About how Rodman was prepared for the game, Kobe said:
"He (Rodman) does come out, he does know the game plan
and he does execute." (OCR)

Feeling like the media is making him the scapegoat, Rodman:
"I am taking most of the heat right now (for the team's
struggles), just because . . . But I am used to it, so
it really does not bother me. Probably most of the blame
will fall on me no matter what I do, so I do not care if
they blame me or not." (LBPT, OCR, LADN)

About how their 3rd quarter stretch when they went about
5 minutes without a FG, outscored 18-6, cost them the
game, Rodman said:
"We lost the game in the third quarter. Basically, that
is what it was. We have to put it together. We have no
choice but to go up. Right now we are down. Even though
we have a 25-14 record, that is nothing. We can get beat
in the first round if we don't put it together." (OCR)

About Rodman not participating in their practice, Shaq:
"Dennis comes to play every night. The media makes more
of a big deal about it than we do. He's doing his job
(Rodman had a team-high 13 rebounds in 40 minutes).
We know that Dennis is going to play hard when it comes
to game time. It's not really him that needs practice
time, there are a lot of other guys on this team that
need a lot of practice time." (OCR)

"Dennis comes to play every night. We think you guys
(reporters) make more of a big deal of it than we do
. . . We don't let it bother us . . . It's really not
(Rodman) that needs practice time. There's a lot of
other guys on this team that need practice time." (LBPT,

Denying that the Rodman situation distracts them, Shaq:
"We don't let it bother us. Kurt (Coach Kurt Rambis)
has it under control." (OCR)

About the Lue taking the jump ball, Shaq said:
"It was an inconsistent call. I was there, it was me and
Dennis. We don't want to make excuses; we did make a lot
of mistakes out there, but that was a big call." (OCR)

"[The referee] made a [wrong] call, like they always do.
It was me and Dennis fighting for the ball. I had my
hands [on it] and Ty Lue came from the back after the
play. He was trying to be cute on the call. You know
what happened. But they don't get fined by the league." (LAT)

"You saw what happened, they made a (bleeped)-up call,
like they always do. It was me and Dennis fighting for
the ball, and Ty Lue came from the back after the fact.
They was trying to be cute on the (bleeping) call. You
know what happened. But they (officials) don't get
fined by the league." (LBPT, LADN)
Note: Actually, I don't think that Shaq had his hands
on the ball when it was grabbed by the Sonics player.
But Lue was nowhere near the ball when the Sonics
player grabbed it, so that call is pretty questionable.
If holding a ball between the legs is considered
partial possesion, then Shaq should have gotten the
jump ball (and he and Rodman shared possession of the
ball before he fell down).  If not, no whistle should
have blown--Lue grabbed at the ball *after* the whistle,
it seemed to me.  I've included two versions of this
quote because I found it interesting how LAT cleaned
up the quote.

About the loss, Shaq said:
"It's very disappointing. I've been saying the same thing
the last two years: We have to play smart, play consistent.
Whenever we lose games like this, it's not because the
other team beat us, it's just because we beat ourselves.
Until we learn how to overcome those silly mistakes in
the third and fourth quarter, we're not going to go
anywhere." (LBPT, LADN)

"Until we play smart, we are going to keep getting disap-
pointed. It's very frustrating. I feel we can beat this
team hands down. When we don't play good basketball and
start playing cute, things like this happen." (OCR)

"It's disappointing. I feel we can beat this team hands
down. We've shown that before . . . Until we learn how
to overcome those silly mistakes in the third and fourth
quarters, we ain't going to go anywhere. Turnovers,
stupid plays, you know, just dumb fouls. Just not
playing smart." (LAT)
Note: Shaq regularly gives the "play smart" quote after
games, but this is the first time that I remember him
clarifying what he meant by that--limiting turnovers
and not making bad plays such as dumb fouls.

Shaq recently criticized Polynice by saying:
"I'm a bridge, Olden is water--no matter how high the
tide rises, he'll always be under me." (LAT)

Olden Polynice responded to Shaq after the game:
"You can tell Shaq I might still be water and he's the
bridge, but guess what, the bridge was man-made and
the water is made by God. I will always survive. And
he better watch out before I rise over him. I don't
care what he says, he's still going to be Shaquille
and I'll still be The Man." (LBPT, LAT, LADN)
Note: Polynice is "The Man"?

About starting the game and defending Payton, Patterson:
"I think I did a good job against him today. He didn't
do nothing to me. He's a good player, he talks a lot of
trash, but I wasn't listening." (LBPT, LADN)

"I think I did a good job on him (Payton) today he
didn't do anything on me. I'm a defensive player. That's
my job. I don't have to score. Why should I, when I've
got Kobe and Shaq on my team." (OCR)
Note: In 11 minutes of defending Payton, Patterson got
3 fouls and Payton had a FG and 2 FTs for 4 points.
LAT said that Rambis asked Horry to start and Horry
said that he preferred to keep coming off the bench.

About how this was the best Baker looked all year, Westphal:
"That's the quickest he's been all year. Earlier in the
year, he didn't seem able to make those kinds of moves.
. . . For the most part, he's really using his quickness
and that really makes a difference to our team." (ST)

"That's the quickest he's been all year. Earlier in the
year he wasn't able to make those quick moves." (SPI)

About how their entire team was "on" in this game, Westphal:
"Obviously Gary and Vin were tremendous for us.
But I thought Detlef (Schrempf) and (Hersey) Hawkins
and (Dale) Ellis gave us big lifts. We really had to
get good shooting from everywhere." (ST)

About how they have played better vs good teams, Westphal:
"The good news is that if we make the playoffs,
we'll play good teams." (ST)

"If you can figure out this team let me know . . . The
good news is if we make the playoffs we don't have to
play Vancouver or Denver. It's just crazy." (SPI)

About wins over Portland and the Lakers, with a loss to
Vancouver between those wins, Payton said:
"We're a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team. Sometimes we
come to play, sometimes we don't." (ST)

"We're like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team. Sometimes
we come to play. Sometimes we don't. I don't know who
we are, so we have to keep this consistent. Hopefully
guys can keep playing the way they've been playing." (SPI)

"We can't be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Friday, you guys
didn't know who we were. Did you know who we were? I
didn't know who we were either. I don't know what team
was out there Friday. We have to keep consistent.
Hopefully we can do it, and hopefully, these guys will
keep playing the way they are playing." (ST)

About how he got huge offensive support Sunday, Payton:
"Shoot, if Vin and Detlef and Hawk keep doing that,
it'll make the game a lot easier. Some nights we do
it, some night we don't. . . . I just hope it keeps
coming." (ST)

Asked why they play better vs good teams, Hawkins said:
"Realistically, you get a lot more motivated against
the Houstons, Portlands and the Lakers. Somehow we've
got to find a way to get up against the Vancouvers." (SPI)

About how they are better than their record, Ellis:
"Our record doesn't indicate what type of team we are.
We're getting better and better even though our loss
total is fairly high." (SPI)

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