Rotisserie Baseball Stats Package Info Wanted

Rotisserie Baseball Stats Package Info Wanted

Post by philip.m.francis » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 21:16:00

Fellow Rotisserians:
I need a little help on the selection of a stats supplier for the '89
season.  Last year, my wife, my brother-in-law, and myself all conspired and
worked out the stats for our league - the Big LEast - by hand.  Of course,
there were several late nights of generating the stats, not to mention our
league newsletter on our little Mac SE using "Excel" and "Ready, Set, Go!" every
Tuesday night.  It was fun (:-)) but tedious (:^().  Besides, this year I want
to be able to play Ultimate on Tuesday's so I need to further speed up the
newsletter & stats process.  I've got my schedule set for Monday generation of
the newsletter, so that's no problem.  Next up: a stats supplier so we can
avoid the time necessary to enter all the Excel data.  

Does anyone out there have anything to say (good/bad) about a company called
StatsMaster Baseball (by TNA Software).  They sell a S/W package for the Mac
or IBM for $110.  Then one can either type in the data weekly or download from
them at some rate (what are their connect rates?) and run the program to
generate the reports.  They claim to be part of "Computer Sports World, Inc.",
which is, in turn (ain't corporate America great?), part of "The Chronicle
Publishing Company."

Okay, here goes:
        A) What do you folks know about StatsMaster Baseball and their stats
           service & fees?
        2) Is "The Chronicle Publishing Company" also the owner of "The
           San Francisco Chronicle?"  Not that this makes the product any
           better but it might indicate some substantial financial backing.
        c) How do the rates/service match up against those advertised by
           the USA Today's service?  Anyone know?

Please send your replies via e-mail to: ....!att!mvuxj!cisco

Thanks and oh yes, the usual disclaimers about the information contained herein


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