Fantasy league wanted ... Any free spots???

Fantasy league wanted ... Any free spots???

Post by Jason L » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 02:38:25

I'm trying to track down a fantasy league to join.  I've been trying, but
this year looks a little thin.

If you're in an established league, and need an extra player, holler.  I
would rather join a well established league and take on a weak team or
expand with an even weaker team than try to jump start a new league.

So anybody out there, please holler.



Jason Lee


Fantasy league wanted ... Any free spots???

Post by Ray Fitzgera » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 09:51:00


If you're looking to join a AL-only Roto league, I might have something
for you.  We are looking for a couple more players for an Ontario based,
but North American wide Roto- league.  Most of the general rules apply
but instead of an auction, each team submits approx 10 lists of
players... Top 12 1b, Top 12 2b, 12-3b, 12-ss, 24-c, 60-of, 108-p and an
extra list of 12 2b or SS, an extra list of 12 1b and 3b an extra list
of 12 players eligible for DH (anyone) and finally a list of 23 entries
containing the order in which you would like your players selected.  AS
you can see there is some unique strategy in this and although it's
definetly not an auction, once done, all the same rules apply, trading,
free-agents, DL, etc.  If you're interested please get back to me ASAP
as I'll be forming the teams on or around Monday April 4th.  The cost is
$45 for a weekly mailing to you, $35 bi-weekly and $25 monthly and this
includes category and total standings, detailed team reports and a
free-agent listing.

Hope to hear from you soon