SABR membership, How 2 Join

SABR membership, How 2 Join

Post by da » Sat, 03 Mar 1990 11:54:00

>I am interested in joining SABR...

  Easily done; send $30 to:

   Box 470
   Garret Park, MD  20896

  And join in on the fun.  We are in the process of revamping the
computer sub-group, so if you have any databases you've typed in, or
are interested in the computerization of baseball and/or statistics,
please feel free to join!  Those too shy or poor, feel free to send
me whatever you have, we might be able to put it to good use.  If
we had enough stats, it would be nice to be able to anon-ftp it....




SABR membership, How 2 Join

Post by David M Ta » Sat, 03 Mar 1990 23:49:48


>   SABR
>   Box 470
>   Garret Park, MD  20896


Garret Park!?  You mean, I lived 15 minutes from SABR headquarters for 12
years, and never knew it?  Arrrrrrgh.

Or is this just some PO Box that gets forwarded to New Jersey?

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