Head-to-Head Results for 2001 NCAA Men's Tournament

Head-to-Head Results for 2001 NCAA Men's Tournament

Post by Warren Repo » Mon, 12 Mar 2001 03:35:07

Our annual compilation of head-to-head results for the NCAA men's
basketball tournament participants (64 teams after the Tuesday play-in
game) against one another during the past season will be posted
following the play-in game at


This page is rather long as it contains all the information.  If you'd
like to use our link version (smaller individual pages, one for each
team), please start at


Both of these links are available through our home page


Breakdowns by home, away and neutral sites are shown in addition to
exact game scores.  

This year, we are releasing our top NCAA tournament selections on
1-900-896-0600 extension 44 ($2.99/min).  Last year our top selections
finished 8-5-1 (62%).  

Note: Although we are monitored by Sports Watch for football, we are
*not* monitored for basketball.

We will continue to post free tournament selections on our Web site.
***Unlike past years, we will not be posting these free selections on
this newsgroup; they will only be available through our Web site.***

All of our computer model predicted scores for each round will be
listed at the end of the 900 number message.  These predicted scores,
as well as their record SU and ATS, will be posted on this newsgroup
following each round's action.

Good luck.  Enjoy March Madness!
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