More on Bearcat Boo Boos

More on Bearcat Boo Boos

Post by Stas » Fri, 05 May 1995 04:00:00

More on Arthur Long punching a police HORSE, from ESPNET:

CINCINNATI -- Two Cincinnati basketball players were arrested early
Wednesday after a confrontation with a
mounted police officer.

Police said that Danny Fortson was charged with disorderly conduct
while intoxicated, and Art Long was charged
with *** for hitting a police horse.

Officer Blair Baker was patrolling an area known as Short Vine, not
far from the Cincinnati campus, when Long and
Fortson drove by about 1 a.m. and shouted at the officer, according to
police reports.

Baker radioed ahead for a police cruiser to stop the car. When the
mounted officer arrived, Long punched the horse,
named Cody, four times in the neck and was arrested, the report said;
Fortson was arrested for shouting obscenities
at bystanders and police.

Both were released on bond and submitted written innocent pleas
through their attorney this morning in Hamilton
County Municipal Court. No trial date was set.

Wow . . . I can't get over it.  A horse!  I guess the horse was no
more cooperative than the campus women. ;-)