Arkansas Report: Arkansas beats Memphis, 75 - 72

Arkansas Report: Arkansas beats Memphis, 75 - 72

Post by Myrka » Sun, 11 Jan 1998 04:00:00

The second homecoming turned out to be better for Sunday Adebayo, as the
Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Memphis Tigers this evening, 75 - 72. Adebayo
was removed from the Arkansas Razorbacks two years ago for suspected NCAA
violations, which were eventually proved unfounded. Adebayo spent last
year with the Tigers, but could not beat the Razorbacks who won 79 - 63.
When his elligibilty was restored last summer with the Hogs, Adebayo
transfered back and was on the winning side of this contest.

Kareem Reid was the high man for the Hogs ( 13 - 2, 2 - 0 SEC ) with 16
points. Pat Bradley logged 14, including 4 - 8 from the arc, and Adebayo
had a strong showing with 12 points on 4 - 6 FG shooting and 4 - 6 FT
shooting. Otherwise, the Hogs had a respectable night shooting the ball,
posting a 46% FG percentage and winning the rebounding war 32 - 31.
Arkansas turned the ball o ver an unfashionable 20 times.

Memphis ( 6 - 5, 1 - 1 C-USA ) saw Omar Sneed throw in 23 points,
including a 11 - 19 night from the stripe. He also pulled down 7 rebounds
and played 38 minutes. They also saw Harry Allen foul out in just 8
minutes of playing time. Memphis turned the ball over only 17 times
against the Arkansas pressure, but both teams were dismal from the stripe
( Hogs 59% - Memphis 56%), and good free throw shooting could have easily
turned the tide in this contest.

Arkansas has finished off their OOC schedule ( 11 - 2 ) and now returns to
the SEC against Florida on January 14th. Memphis journeys to the ACC where
they will play at NC State on the same evening.

On a more personal note, I'd like to think the two Dukies for allowing me
to participate in their picking zine. While I went 2 - 2, I enjoyed the
challenge of picking out of conference, and I hope to be allowed to do it
again in 2002, when my probation expires from picking against Duke in the
FSU game.