New on the Internet Baseball Archive

New on the Internet Baseball Archive

Post by Matthew Wa » Thu, 22 Apr 1993 05:31:11

Well, I've been a bit busy with my job and the giddy first opening weeks,
so here is a belated update of what's new on the Internet Baseball Archive.

*** login instructions:

do an anonymous ftp to

login: anonymous
password: youremailaddress

note the ftp server needs to 'traceback' your real email / machine address.

cd /baseball

and you're cookin'.


The beginnings of Major League team address listings, starting with the

A list of all minor league ballclub affiliations (Chuq von Rospach) in

A list of all major league radio flagship stations (from via P
Retzlaff) in /misc/MLB-flagship-radio-stations.txt

A guide to getting tickets at Fenway Park (from fans on the Red Sox list)
in /misc/Fenway-tickets.txt

Information on signing up for the MLB Daily Scores service (from Joseph
Hernandez) in /misc/MLB-Scores-Mailing-Info.txt

Many, many people have asked if we're going to keep weekly stats up there.
The answer is, if someone mails them to us, we will. The information MUST
be clear of licensing and copyright restrictions, although in the event
such information is inadvertently posted, we disclaim all responsibility --
it's your responsibility to make sure they're clean. Of course, if you have
hand-keyed any stats in, you would be a god to many people if you shared

And as ever, we're always looking for any information you might wish to
share with the rest of the world - from Ted Williams' serial number to a
guide to seating at your local class A ballpark to Wade Boggs' chicken

- Matt

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