Laker Quotes 10/13/00 Volume 1 Issue 148

Laker Quotes 10/13/00 Volume 1 Issue 148

Post by Garret Okamo » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I'd like to take a second and plug the TOTK sports
boards, which really are just getting started. After
I get some free time after my conference, I'll try to
check those boards each day. If there are people who
read the quote posts and would like to ask a question
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I often get several e-mails per day asking something
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questions in that forum instead of my e-mail because
it could benefit others and because it gets confusing
at times to shift between my work and sports e-mail.
The boards are at:
They may go away because we aren't using them...but
many may not know that they are there.

I don't know how complete this post is, but I've been
working since 6am today partially so that I could make
some version of the LQ today.

Now that I'm done with I'd like to "thank" OCR/RPE/
LBPT/DB for not having quotes (or any non-AP articles),
which let me make this post actually complete.

Shaq signed his contract extension and the news
conference about that is scheduled for today.

Shaq has nicknamed Madsen "Tornado", because of the
wreckage Madsen often leaves on the basketball court.

Lue sprained his ankle and could miss a few practices.
With Penberthy's showing, Lue's history of injuries, and
Lue's weakness with his size and shooting range, I feel
that Lue is a *long* shot for the active roster.  It
seems that Lue will have to beat out Davis and Hightower
just to make the injured list...and Kupchak and Jackson
said some nice things about Davis when they traded for
him while Jackson was so high about Hightower that he
convince West to trade 2 picks to draft him and seemingly
tried to convince West to take him instead of Madsen in
the first round. So, my guess would be Hightower getting
that injured list spot...unless he bombs in preseason.

Sabonis has torn cartilege in his left knee and will
be out for at least the first few weeks of the season.

A coach for the Wizards instructed his players yesterday:
"This is a different Laker team. Glen Rice is gone. They
have no one who can hit the perimeter shots. You have to
collapse on Shaq." (LAT)

About that attitude, Kobe said:
"I know. I know they think that." (LAT)

About the 2,000 jumpers he made each day this summer, Kobe:
"I worked extremely hard this summer." (LAT)
Note: "That's 2,000 makes, not attempts. No layups.
Jump shots from 15, 18, 20 feet. More, sometimes.
"Every day," he said." (LAT)

About how defenders are respecting his jumper now, Kobe:
"All we have to do is spread the floor. A couple times
the other night [against C***te], I caught the ball
and they came running at me. I was like, 'Whoa.' You
know? I'm used to them coming out all balanced [guarding
against the penetration]. But they started running out.
Oh my God. Then everything just opens up." (LAT)

"It seems like I can get my shot any time. It's pretty
simple, really." (LAT)

About how he had a talk with Kobe because he felt that
some of his shots were too quick for the triangle, Phil:
"I noticed in the game [Wednesday] night that he was
stepping out and shooting shots. It seemed like he was
intent on establishing his outside shot. So, I mentioned
a little bit today about how that took us away from the
rhythm we have to run this offense in. If you get those
shots in rhythm, the guys are on the boards, you've got
your defense in position. We can't take those shots
early whenever we feel like just taking a shot. Then it
disrupts the offense." (LAT)

Not upset by how Kobe is experimenting now, Jackson:
"Kobe is impetuous. That's OK at this point of the year
to work on his game, to adjust to his new spot, new
position, new kind of style. That's OK. In the context
of what we're trying to do as a team, it [sometimes]
makes it difficult for us to assess other players." (LAT)

About the battle for their small guard roster spot, Phil:
"We have to figure that out. This will be a make-or-
break time." (LADN)

About Shaq's FT shooting, his LSU coach Dale Brown:
"I honestly believe that his free-throw shooting is not
psychological. It's physiological. His hand is so big
that when he shoots a ball, he's got about another two
inches [for the ball to roll off]. So he's tried to
place it in his hand, and he shot-puts it. The best
analogy I could use, if you and I went out and tried
to shoot a volleyball, it's hard as heck to shoot. You
don't get the right grip.

I made a mistake. He shot 60% in his three years at LSU.
I had him shooting underhanded [as a freshman]. He was
shooting about 70%. One day at the end of practice he
came over and said, 'I'm embarrassed. This is a granny
shot. Please don't make me shoot them like this.' " (LAT)
Note: "Brown granted him permission to shoot them
however he liked." (LAT)
Note: I hadn't realized that Shaq used the underhand
shot in college...and that he was shooting 70% with it.

After talking about how he turned down $2 mil with
Miami, Rider said:
"It felt good to get out there. It felt good especially
in a Laker uniform. I'm like a little kid again, getting
hyped in the huddle like it's college. I'm going to like
it here. I'm going to like the atmosphere here. I can
tell, I'm going to start smiling on the court, having
fun, being my old self. I'm going to be like a little
kid on the floor." (LAT)

About their back-to-back losses, Harper said:
"We ain't bad. But, it's still ugly to see." (LAT)
Note: Harper started and played 8 minutes yesterday.

Asked about how he could be competing for a roster spot
with Penberthy, Lue said:
"As long as my knee feels good, that's the best thing --
it's 100 percent, no pain. So that's all I'm really worried
about. I mean, (Penberthy) is a good player, he's playing
good, but I don't know if it's competition for me or who.
I'm not really worried about it." (LADN)

About how he still has something to prove, Lue said:
"As long as I stay healthy, I can pefrorm the way I want
to perform." (LADN)
Note: The Lakers have to decide by Oct. 31 whether or
not they wish to pick up their $1.2 mil option on Lue
for the 2001-02 season.  I would be really surprised
if they did so.

Before Wednesday's game, Shaq told the crowd:
"I would like to thank the fans for coming out to watch
(Los Angeles and C***te play. I'll always love the
state of Louisiana." (Biloxi Sun Herald)

When Shaq spotted someone from Dallas, he shouted to him:
"Your boy <Cuban> is crazy. Your boy is crazy." (DMN)

About Cuban, Shaq said:
"He's what I call a new-wave, non-conventional owner." (DMN)

About Cuban's criticism of the Lakers, Shaq said:
"You should never take that stuff personal. Do I still
like Mark Cuban? Yeah, he's cool. But it's all about the
players. You can spend money, get a new arena, get new
uniforms all that mess don't matter if you don't have
two or three certain players." (DMN)

About Cuban, Jackson said:
"The other owners love him. He just increased the value
of a lot of clubs by paying probably double what Dallas
is worth." (DMN)

"Being a good friend of Dennis Rodman, I guess I have
to respect Dennis' judgment of Mark." (DMN)

"If you really want to get something going, you have to
have Shawn Bradley and Shaquille square off. Then you
see what happens out on the court. That's what draws
fans. Not us, barking back and forth. We're basically
just venting our hot air." (DMN)

About Rodman, Cuban said he was:
"pleased for Phil that he has a mentor." (DMN)

About Jackson's quote that MJ didn't come to their
game because he was afraid after Jackson attacked
Cuban (see yesterday's quotes), Cuban said:
"If what Phil has levied is an attack, he should go
back to Dennis for some more help and advice." (DMN)

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Laker Quotes 10/13/00 Volume 1 Issue 148

Post by Jay Le » Mon, 16 Oct 2000 04:00:00

> Before Wednesday's game, Shaq told the crowd:
> "I would like to thank the fans for coming out
to watch
> Los Angeles and C***te play. I'll always love
> state of Louisiana." (Biloxi Sun Herald

Haha.  i remember the comment he made on espn.
"period.  p-e-r-i-d"