Top 10 List expanded (Attention Red Sox Fans!!!)

Top 10 List expanded (Attention Red Sox Fans!!!)

Post by fla.. » Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Thought all you red sox fans might enjoy this:

we were talking about this at work.  before letterman even came up with the
list we were saying to make things more interesting for the rest of the

-- before each game opposing team gets to pick 2 yankee players to play for
them (pitchers not included)

-- for yankee pitchers, three balls a walk, four strikes an out.

-- for yankees, just like softball, three swings you are out.  foul balls are

-- all yankee home runs that do not reach the upperdeck, are considered foul

-- the one base bounus for opposing teams.  hit a single?  take second.
double?  hell, take third.

--  if at any point after the fifth inning opposing team has the lead, they

-- all yankee players (except pitcher) must play on donkeys.

--  Joe Torre, Mel Stottlemeyer, and Zim all have to have at least one at bat
per game.

-- one lucky fan per game selected to play position of thier choice.

-- everytime yanks have a pitching change, opposing team earns a run.

-- yanks have to bring back Steve Howe, and Kenny "The gambler" rodgers.

-- yankee players use a vollyball type rotation.  every out, change position.
(pitcher excluded)

--  opposing team can use aluminum bats, or fungo bats.  not to mention
unlimited pine tar.

-- opposing pitchers can keep a bucket of water and an emory board on the
mound for whatever use they see fit.

--  yankee players have to make 2 laps around the diamond to score.

-- old timers day is no longer followed by regulation game, it IS a regulation

I could go on forever.


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