Trivia (Career Years and One-Year W

Trivia (Career Years and One-Year W

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> (1) In 1954, the second baseman for Cleveland's record-setting A.L.
>     champions hit .341, leading the league and posting his career

    I think this is Bobby Avila, who was lost on this team of
    stars.  Defeated by Giants 4-0 in World Series.

> (2) In 1950, this Red Sox rookie first baseman led the league with
>     144 RBI.  He hit .322, with 34 homers.  He lasted awhile, but

   I don't know--maybe*** "Dr. Strangeglove" Stuart?

> (3) In 1959, the Phillies started a second baseman who never played in
>     the big leagues (not even one at-bat) before or since.  The player

   Was this Chuck Cottier?  I know he played good-glove, no-hit 2B
   for the Senators in the early 60s.

> (Bonus) (No one can possibly get this one!)  In 1970, the Dodgers had
>    a rookie infielder who appeared in 156 games.  Displaying great

   Sorry, Bob, I found this incredibly easy.  **Billy Grabarkeiwicz**

> As before, no research allowed.

...and none was done...

> Bob Davis       Claiming the stats of Bobby Bonilla and Glen Davis

Jim Ferguson