Meeks: Maybe it wasn't Doug Collins

Meeks: Maybe it wasn't Doug Collins

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                     Grant has been on a tear, and thats
                     been great for him, Stack protested. But I
                     dont think its been so great for our team. I
                     think we become stagnant in watching him. If
                     youre coming down the court and you
                     havent touched the ball the last two or three
                     times down, its hard to go down and chase a
                     guy and do all the little things you have to do.
                     I want the ball more.
                            Curiously, Stackhouse uttered these
                     remarks during a three-game stretch in which
                     he shot 7-for-35 a hideous trend that he
                     insisted wasnt a lack of focus caused by his
                     sisters death just a week earlier. No, he
                     stressed, Hill is the problem.
                            Gentry was incensed at the notion that
                     Hill was responsible for too much of his
                     teams offense.
                            Thats a ridiculous statement, said the
                     coach, ..."Grant shoots 20 times a game. Thats not
                     it at all.
                            (Incidentally, opposing coaches who
                     watch 12 hours of tape per day tend to agree:
                     There are a lot of guys in this league who
                     should shoot less, and Grants not one of
                     them, said Jeff Van Gundy of the Knicks.
                     Ill tell you what, that guy plays the game

Hmmmmm.  Sixers get rid of Stackhouse.  Sixers do better.  Detroit blames
Doug Collins for teams woes.  Team fires Doug Collins.  Team still sucks.
Dave Meeks?  Still think Detroit is pleased with Stackhouse?

Meanwhile, Derrick Coleslaw has lead the Hornets to within 1/2 game of the
worst team in the East and the 2nd worst team in basketball.  Sixers get
rid of Coleman, and now they look like a playoff team.  Silly Willie Miller is
incensed at the Hornets woes and the Sixers success, as well.

Poor Dave, just doesn't understand that stats don't solve all of lives
problems. Poor David is living in a fantasy league.



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