Barkley (Re: Thugs and double standards)

Barkley (Re: Thugs and double standards)

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>>What's worse: pushing someone out of bounds (ala' Rodman v. Pippen or Lakersv
>>Portland) or spitting on a little girl? Or which has more to do with the game
>>of basketball?
>Yes, Charles spat on a little girl, but he meant to spit on an
>arrogant spectator such as yourself:-).  Of course, he shouldn't
>have done it and he apologized and won't do it again.  Rodman/
>Laimbeer, on the other hand, don't apologize for their bullshit
>and keep on doing it.  What's your point?

My point is: when Charles Barkley gets fined, it's cute, but when any Piston
gets fined, it's not punishment enough for the bastards!

Since you didn't hear: Rodman wrote a formal apology letter to Pippen for the
push in the last game. Pippen accused Dennis of not writing it.
When Scottie fouled Bill Laimbeer hard in Game 5 of the 1990 E Conf finals
(I got a picture of it: it looks like he's trying to break his neck)
he had no apology.

Let me say it loud so you can all hear: DOUBLE STANDARDS!

>Joe Dakes

and me
--Eric Iverson