More Chicken Little (was Re: Strat-O-Matic (off topic))

More Chicken Little (was Re: Strat-O-Matic (off topic))

Post by Craig S. Richards » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

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remotely about computer games.


>You miss my point completly. I have ZERO interest in watching players
>come and go from the local team....(and all teams) year after year.

Player movement is not significantly up from the pre-Messersmith era.

>I have no interest in watching a league so poorly balanced that the
>product now stinks.

Such poor balance that chronic laughingstocks Cleveland and Seattle
haven't competed for the playoffs in years.  Such poor balance that
San Diego was forced into a fire sale that damaged their prospects for
the foreseeable future.  Such poor balance that expansion teams like
Florida are doomed to years of frustration like the previous two or
three expansions.

Even in the worst-case scenarios being thrown around now (which I
don't believe), MLB is at least as well balanced as it was in the
"Golden Age", and these scenarios are extremely unlikely.

>The owners: They refuse to fully share revenue.

>The Players: The MLBPA could hardly give a damn if ticket prices go

Ticket prices have remained constant with respect to inflation since
before OPEC.

>players change teams left and right and don't care if teams have
>to either leave their market

Which has not happened in the free agency era.

> or gouge the public for new stadiums.

Which only happens when the public buys their sob stories.  Minnesota
fans seem to be showing credible restraint in this area.

>They don't care about a balanced product for the consumers,

(1) It's not, and (2) why should they? Their job is to play ball as
well as they can, and the product on the field is as good as ever.

> in short,
>their only concern is themselves. Very just wait
>and see.

Until now, such predictions were relatively safe - but with DejaNews
someone can find postings five years from now...

>Until the above things get corrected, my former favorite sport can go
>on without me......they don't care about me and I don't care about
>them so it works out great.

>I am surprised that more people don't care about the imbalance. Best
>way to show it is to not watch ANY games until they fix the sport.

Occam's razor as to why - they don't care about "the imbalance"
because it doesn't exist.

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NEW!  Innumeracy in action!  "If ya want to look at stats,
back it up!  There was only a mention of walks/OBA and