UMass 60, WFU 46 WoooooooooWWWWW!

UMass 60, WFU 46 WoooooooooWWWWW!

Post by raj.. » Thu, 07 Dec 1995 04:00:00

                        UMass:  60
                        WFU  :  46

        Ok! <Phew!> Goood win for UMass. For a minute there I
        was *Really* worried about LaRue's 3-pt. shooting!
        Duncan and Camby? What can I say, Both had same Blocks and
        Assists (4 & 1), but Camby had 17 pts to Duncan's 9. But,
        Duncan outrebounded (12 ?) Camby (8 ?).

        I was really impressed by the play of UMass guards...especially
        Padilla's! He was great tonight. Granted he is not a lottery
        pick type of guard, but tonight he was doing it all (more so in the
        2nd half). The (like someone said) D^(squared) played extremely
        well. Donta was awesome and Dana, while more silent on scoring,
        was great defensively (I think he got 10 boards?). This was truely
        a TEAM EFFORT ! UMass was able to contain Wake to 19 second half
        points! WOW! Didn't they hold MAryland to 19 pts in 2nd half too?

        I guess my prediction was a "little" off :-) But on paper, it
        seemed ok to me. Guess I was not sure about how the other players
        on our team would step up their game. They showed tonight that they
        CAN....and do a goood job of it too.

        Oh, by the way, on my way back home I heard it on the radio that
        the 2 WFU forwards (Peral and ???) did not score at all. Says
        something (good) about Dana/Donta!

        What do you guys want me to predict for BC game ? I am tempted
        to pick UMass this time because I liked what I saw tonight. But
        I haven't seen BC play this year. But I know they lost to UConn
        by only 1 point! Anyone who can give me insight on what we are up
        against this saturday? before I stick my neck out!

        Gooo UMass!!! 2-0 v/s ACC (and Top-10), 3-0 v/s Top-20!