ANNOUNCE: NBA News mailing list

ANNOUNCE: NBA News mailing list

Post by Justin Rid » Tue, 27 Sep 1994 09:21:38

This message announces the "NBA News" mailing list.  The purpose of NBA News is
to provide timely information concerning the NBA to list members.

You may subscribe to the list by sending an Email to me (address below) with
the subject "NBA: SUBSCRIBE".

About the list

NBA News has been operating for some 13 months and has over 300 subscribers.
During the off-season, list members will receive one or two "Digests" per week,
keeping them up-to-date with the latest signings, happenings and rumours in the
NBA.  During the season, daily scores and standings are mailed out along with
detailed match reports.  This works out to an average of about 1.5 to 2
messages per day during the regular season.

The list was set up so that (a) news could be forwarded to interested parties
without the "noise" present on r.s.b.p; (b) NBA news would reach people
quicker; and (c) so that those without news access could still obtain
information on the NBA through Email.  It has been advertised once on r.s.b.p,
but other than that has spread by word of mouth (or keyboard :).

How it works

The list is not a discussion list - if you join, the only person you will get
mail from is me. I run it from my account, and process subscriptions by hand.
Thus you should not re-send your subscription requests if you do not receive an
immediate response.  In addition, it would be appreciated if you did not sign
on for one digest and then sign off, as this creates more work.

If you have any questions concerning NBA News, or want example Digests, please
feel free to contact me.