Nicknames....Nicknames....I need more nicknames!!!!!

Nicknames....Nicknames....I need more nicknames!!!!!

Post by DBabia » Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I am a high school student and as a summer school project I am designing and
creating a web page. I hope to finish before school starts but find myself
running a bit behind. The site is to consist of the nicknames of players and
the arenas in which they play. I have collected a lot of information on various
professional sports <NFL,NBA,MLB,MLS,and NASCAR> but to date have not had much
luck when it comes to college sports. An example of what I am looking for

Marge Dydek is also known as Large Marge
The C***te Hornets play in the Hive
The Atlanta Braves play in the Homer Dome
The Anaheim Mighty Ducks play at the Pond
The Detroit Tigers play at the Corner
The Cincinnati Bengals play in the Jungle
The Green Bay Packers play at the Frozen Tundra
The Miami Dolphins play in the Bermuda Triangle
The Jacksonville Jaguars play in the Teal Jungle
Walter Payton is Sweetness
Reggie White is the Minister of Defense

Please E-mail me if you have anything to contribute!