Fantasy Baseball GM's Wanted

Fantasy Baseball GM's Wanted

Post by bullseye.. » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Looking to join a fantasy baseball league, where the fee is cheap and a prize
for the champion? Well, my league is looking for 3 new GM's to join and to
participate in the expansion draft before the regular draft.

Website address: The total
fee to join is $5. If there are 12 teams in my league, then the championship
prize will be $50. The players from the following teams will be in the free
agent pool: Billy Goats, Kaptnelp, Marauders, Reading Aces, Slugging
Vultures, and Underdogs. There are bunch of superstar/all-star players for
the new GM's to choose in the expansion draft.

Please reply/email by February 21, 1999. If interested in joining, email me:

The Commisioner

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