Grant's Nearly Impossible Answers: Part 1

Grant's Nearly Impossible Answers: Part 1

Post by Grant B. Gey » Sun, 18 Mar 1990 06:18:43

Here are the first three questions followed by the answers.

I'm time-short today so will post the last three (the pitching ones)
on Monday, along with the names of those who came closest to answering

1.  (Player who had HR for 1st ML hit, also had HR for final ML hit.
    Had more than *one* hit, I added....)

2.  (Player who had HR for first ML hit, 3B for 2nd ML hit, then played
    for 20 years and never had anything more than a double afterward.)

3.  (Player who had 9700+ plate appearances in ML but finished with exactly
    zero sacrifice bunts.)

1.  John Miller;  Played in 60s for Yankees and Dodgers.  Marginal player,
    in fact he had no HRs between these 2 bookend homers!   0 correct answers.
    Source:   Nemic, David  (Book on unusual baseball facts)
2.  Hoyt Wilhelm.  Several correct respondees--names Monday.
3.  The Brew-man, Harmon Killebrew.  2 correct answers--names Monday.

Gotta run!     ....Grant G.   Pleeeeeeeese settle this lockout!!!!!!!