Bibby gets a little screen time

Bibby gets a little screen time

Post by s_knigh » Tue, 08 Oct 2002 02:51:13

A three-hour practice was over, and Kings point guard Mike Bibby was
running off to play more ball.

But this game wouldn't tire him out.

Bibby was playing the new Sega NBA 2K3 video game, which is set for
release Tuesday. Sega brought the game to the Kings on Friday to get
feedback from the players, who in turn get to see themselves in

Marc Franklin, a sports communications manager for the company, said
Bibby was the first player in to play the game.

"Last year, we went to the (Philadelphia) 76ers," Franklin said. "The
Kings are a great team, and we like to get the game out to the players
before it hits the buying public and get their impressions on the
game. They are all in the game, and we try to realistically apply the
athleticism and tendencies the players have.

"And who better to know how good we did than them? And if they have
good things to say, then it's a sign the game is going to do well."

Bibby said he was impressed by the game, but then again, he's never
hesitated to talk up his video-game skills.

And Franklin said Bibby should feel good about his virtual
doppelganger's level of play in the game.

"Oh, yeah," Franklin said. "He was given his props after that
performance in (last season's) playoffs."