California League (A) Standings: 8/1/91

California League (A) Standings: 8/1/91

Post by Eli Messing » Sun, 04 Aug 1991 15:50:25

Through games of August 1, 1991:

California League Standings              W   L   PCT   GB   STREAK

N   *San Jose Giants                    29  13  .690   --   Lost 1
O   Modsto A's                          26  17  .605  3.5   Won  1
R   Stockton Ports (Brewers)            20  22  .476    9   Lost 1
T   Reno Silver Sox (Co-op)             20  23  .465  9.5   Won  1
H   Salinas Spurs (Co-op)               16  27  .372 13.5   Lost 1

S   *Bakersfield Dodgers                25  18  .581   --   Lost 2
O   High Desert Mavericks (Padres)      25  19  .568   .5   Won  1
U   Visalia Oaks (Twins)                23  20  .535    2   Won  3
T   Palm Springs Angels                 15  27  .357  9.5   Won  1
H   San Bernadino Spirit (Mariners)     15  28  .349   10   Won  1

* Won first half

Friday, August 2 results:

San Bernadino 4, San Jose 2 (at San Jose)
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California League (A) Standings: 8/1/91

Post by Neal Trave » Thu, 15 Aug 1991 02:45:50

What a wonderful evening of baseball last night!  The no-doubter 2-run homer in
the bottom of the 11th by Barry ('looking to repeat as MVP') Bonds was merely
the capper to a thrilling and exciting ballgame.  The Bucs turned a 9-6-3-5-2
double play on a hit-and-run single -- instead of first-and-third with 1 out,
the inning was over!

The local cable company runs a mid-game trivia question, and the person with
the correct answer last night was yours truly!  The woman who took the calls
seemed quite relieved that someone had finally given her the right answer to
the question -- who was the first player to reach 3000 career hits?  

But the story gets better!  About 5 minutes after they announced my name, the
phone rang.  When my wife picked it up, she found the person on the other end
of the line was a college classmate and ex-roommate of mine!!  I'd lost track
of him about 5 years ago when we were both living in or near Philly; he's been
living in nearby Ambridge for about the last year.  When he saw my name on his
TV screen, he just *had* to call (and of course he knew I'd be home...).

What a great evening!!

neal    [Beisbol been bery bery good to me]