Expanded Strike Zone Impact/AL Keepers Advice

Expanded Strike Zone Impact/AL Keepers Advice

Post by John Berne » Sun, 25 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Rich G: I play in a similar league (same 10 categories except we use runs
instead of runs-hr) and have similar players (coincidentally)  I am
considering Nixon, Baines, and Gubicza as well. Using Last year's stats
alone (which can be dangerous to do of course, especially with older
players) I have baines worth $15, nixon worth $22 and gubicza worth $15.
However age might affect baines and gubicza (and pitching is always
risky). Thus I'd rank Nixon first at +8, and Baines and Gubicza second at
about +5 each (-2 for age on each player and - another 2 for the
unreliability of piching).  I have no opinion on your other players


tentative keeper list.

>I play in an AL only, 10 category league (8 standard + K's and runs-minus-hr),
>and each league is able to keep up to 7 players to enter the following season..
>Salary cap is $26.00 instead of $260.  10 teams total.

>Geronimo Berroa:    $1.00
>Otis Nixon: $1.40
>Harold Baines:      $0.80
>Jim Abbott: $0.60
>Mark Gubicza:       $0.60
>Alex Fernandez:     $1.80
>Mark McLemore(?):   $1.00
>Strawberry(?):      $1.00
>Hulse(?):           $1.00
>Aguilera(?) $2.40

>Not many great bargain keepers overall throughout the league;  significant talent will
>be released into the free agent pool for the auction at all positions (Randy
>Johnsons, Frank Thomases, etc.).  Thanks!