Hey, Charles! Walk the Walk Before You Talk the Talk!

Hey, Charles! Walk the Walk Before You Talk the Talk!

Post by --Eli- » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'll start by saying that I love the way Charles Barkley plays basketball. He is
definitely one of the most unique specimens to ever play the game, as I am
amazed at the way he is able to out-perform power forwards who have a
significant height advantage on him.

But he just doesn't think before he speaks when he's off the court. Look what he
said before today's game against LA (from ESPN, my comments are not indented):

                "I'm so disgusted by NBC and the L.A. press," Barkley told
reporters an hour
                before the Houston Rockets and Lakers played their nationally
televised game at
                the Forum. "You guys make me sick. I'm sick of NBC showing the
                every week and saying how good they are. They're a glamour team.

I can accept this even as a Laker fan, as I would like to see some of the
younger teams such as Boston and Philadelphia strut their stuff in front of a
national audience.

                "You all picked them to win the championship. Now they're
                struggling. Now they bring in Dennis Rodman and they're going to

                win the championship again. They've got a lot of talent. They're

                8-6, aren't they?"

                The Lakers are now 9-6 after beating Houston 106-90 Sunday.
                Barkley played 19 minutes and contributed 14 points and six

This is where he loses it. Even after the Lakers beat the Rockets on opening
night by a sizeable margin, Barkley still has the nerve to talk trash about
them. Charles, don't you think it would've been nicer and more appropriate to
rip the Lakers after you had beaten them? Whoops, I forgot, you lost to them by
16 points. My mistake.

                He said the best teams in the Western Conference right now are
                conference champion Utah and Portland.

                "We're right there," he said. "I like our team a lot. We're
going to be good.
                We've got a lot of good pieces. We were playing really well
before I got hurt.
                We just have to play like we were playing.

Let's see. The Lakers have played the Rockets twice. Both times Charles Barkley
has played and both times he's played pretty well. Nevertheless, Houston has
lost both games. Something doesn't seem right. Or does it, Charles?

                "Right now, I see (the Western Conference) as a three-team race
-- Portland,
                Utah and us."

Wonder what he thinks now... "Did I say three teams? I meant four, the Lakers
have that guy named Shaq and the arrogant shooting guard with the messed up

                When asked if he ranked the Lakers fourth in the West, he smiled
and said, "I
                don't rank 'em. They don't get anything for coming in fourth."

I know this comment is in jest, but I wonder what the rest of the Rockets think.
Especially guys like Pippen and Olajuwon, who both know how to win
championships. Maybe if Barkley kept his trap shut it would be easier for the
rest of the team to concentrate on winning it all. Every time Barkley has been
close to winning it all, whether it was in Philly or Phoenix, his team has been
upstaged by a more focused team. I believe without any shadow of a doubt that
the Phoenix Suns of '92-93 were the best team of that season. And Charles
probably had his career year in '92-93 as well, winning his lone MVP award. But
one has to wonder if he was really focused on winning it all when the Suns
played MJ and the Bulls in the Finals. Although Jordan was superhuman in the
Finals, the Suns definitely had their chances to execute in that series.

All I'm trying to say is that maybe if Barkley didn't waste his time making
ignorant comments like those today he, along with the rest of his team, could
focus more on trying to reach the one thing that has eluded Barkley his whole
career: an NBA title.


Hey, Charles! Walk the Walk Before You Talk the Talk!

Post by Joel Hoppe » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> I'll start by saying that I love the way Charles Barkley plays

basketball. He is

I only read about half of your post before I decided to reply.  I live in
Houston.  We think Chuck is great too.  He's a good basketball player and
all.  But as to the question of what Hakeem and Scottie think, they think
that everyone takes Chuck WAY to serious.  Chuck has ALWAYS been a trash
talker and will tell you exactly what he thinks no matter what you might
think of him.  I know a guy that go into the locker room after the games
and he tells me that Chuck is the biggest cutup on the entire team.  I
think that you need to get over it and like the Lakers and hate the Rockets
or whatever.  Chuck will be Chuck and blah, blah, blah.  He isn't saying
anything he hasn't said about another team time and time again...