Owners old, owners new, owners borrowed, owners blue (was Pirates Sold)

Owners old, owners new, owners borrowed, owners blue (was Pirates Sold)

Post by Jonathan Ki » Fri, 18 Nov 1994 15:53:20


>|> The chairman of Adelphia Cable, John J. Rigas, will be buying the
>|> Pirates for an estimated $100,000,000. He will keep the team in the
>|> city and keep pushing for a new stadium.


>|> This is great news for the Pirates, for Pittsburgh, and for baseball
>|> (since the more owners who are real fans and not just in it as an
>|> investment, the better).

>Nah ... Rigas is probably just another rich, idiotic scumball who knows
>nothing about business nor baseball, and who only has money because he
>either inherited it or married into it.  In other words, let's cut to
>the chase and place Rigas in his rightful place as one of the 28 biggest
>liars, cheats, and crooks in the world.

Hmm, nobody mentioned he was in Congress...

(As an aside, there are loads more than 28 people owning parts of
baseball teams.  The Pirates were owned by a consortium that included
Carnegie Mellon University, one of my almae matres.  Cha-ching$$!!
But somehow I expect they'll still be pleading for me to give 'em

I'm glad to hear this sale may be going through.  And at quite a
handsome price.  Given that I think that most baseball owners are
reasonably shrewd businessmen, it would appear that Mr. Rigas seems to
think he can get at least $8 million a year in economic benefit from
this deal (if its basically cash) once you tote up all the numbers.
Interestingly, this is pretty close to what I gathered the Bucs should
be worth, once you include the tax benefits.  

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the Padres' sale to Moores goes through.
Not only because I was annoyed at the previous group for trading Fred
McGriff, Avatar of the Almighty, but because the successful transfer
of Yet Another smaller market team at a probable capital gain to a new
owner will probably lead to two things:

1) Fewer arguments that such teams have been losing millions
2) A greatly enhanced likelihood that we'll have real baseball next spring.

Now, if I could only convince Randy "Son of a Bootlicker" Smith not to
go out and trade Phil Plantier for Chuck Carr...

>Scott Susor *** Houston Texas
>"Its good to be the King ..."

Oh, hey: you're from Houston.  What's the other local angle on Moores
buying the Padres?  I'm sure the University of Houston will be sad to
see him head West...